Top tips for getting that much needed self-care

The darker mornings are upon us, Halloween is fast approaching and Christmas is just around the corner. Well, isn't this just the best time of year?
I feel that the colder months are completely dedicated to self-care, I mean, we all spend our summer months glammed up to the nines, drinking to our hearts content and barely worrying about what tomorrow may bring. Fast-forward to those dreaded pitch-black mornings and we barely want to roll ourselves out of bed. 

It's definitely time for some self-care.

Now I don't mean throw on a facemask, grab the duvet and snuggle down to the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Cheshire. There is more to self-care than a binge session.
We live in a society where it's promoted to go-out during the summer and stay-in during the winter - but why? Can't we just do both? 
Self-care is about improving yourself, both mentally and physically. So whether that is spending the day pampering yourself until your hearts content, or catching up with family and friends you've not seen in a while, it should be about what makes you feel good. So of course, if hiding under the duvet and catching up on your favourite TV series is going to perk you up, by all means, dive on in, but there is so much more to life than finding out who bitched about who on the latest reality show.
One thing I completely stand by is paying it forward, now it may not be your traditional self-care tip, but by doing something for someone else, especially someone you may never meet, it can have a profound effect on your mental state. I mean, what's better than making someone else's day complete? 
It's the little things that we do in life that can shape and change the way in which we care for others, and ourselves and by paying it forward it continues that positive chain. 
You can, if you fancy take a trip outside. I'm probably the worst at doing this, but getting a small bit of fresh air every single day is just what the doctor ordered. Even if you're on your own, pop down to the shops, walk around the garden or grab your bike and just lose yourself in your surroundings. We become so consumed by our everyday activities that we rarely get to appreciate what we've got on our doorsteps.
Now of course you can tackle any problem with a cup of tea (or coffee in my case). Take a step back from whatever you're doing and just relax, it can be the most beneficial thing you do today. Move away from the glaring screens and just take pleasure in actually being able to enjoy a hot drink, without trying to do a million things at once. 
I told you it's all about the small things.
You will of course know by now that having a bath is my number one self-care tip, and shock horror I've met a handful of people who despise baths, so this one isn't for you. I think the combination of drawing a hot bath and settling down to a gripping book is the cure of all cures. You are not only treating your body to complete relaxation, but you're also expanding your mind, well, that totally depends on what you're reading.
I think the term escapism comes to mind when mentioning self-care, the ability to zone out of everything else and focus on yourself can be overwhelming at times, but it has become something we need more and more.

We have become so focused on trying to please others and the world around us that we rarely focus on what we need. It's true that we put more attention into our cars than ourselves, so I think it's time we changed that.

8 Reasons Why I'll Love You Forever

I'm going to throw out a pre-warning, this is going to get soppy - everts eyes now.
I feel like I've been caught up in watching someone else's life unravel for the past few weeks, wanting to scream cut on the film crew so they can create another ending, you know, something happier. It's pretty strange watching life fall apart like that, but there is always one constant that brings me back to life and that is you.

1. You never fail at making me smile. Have you ever met someone and thought, how on earth have I managed my entire life up to this point without you? Those down days never stay down for long and those up days, stay up for ages. 

2. You don't mind the weirdness. I can't be the only one that has those weird moments when you're completely alone and you realise how bizarre you really are. I love that you've jumped onto the weird train with me.

3. You know my limits probably better than I know myself. I think we all like to think that we're in control of everything that we do, but deep down there is always that someone in the background keeping you on track. Cheers to the limit hunters.

4. It's always you and I against the world. What better way to tackle life than with the person you love. I mean, I can't think of doing it any other way and I suppose I don't really want to.

5. You understand me when no-one else does. Aside from those awkwardly weird days where most people don't even know themselves, it's always handy having that one person you can completely confined in.

6. You never hesitate to help me out, like never. Oh yes, I am calling out those completely drunken nights when undressing me is completely necessary. Hands up if you've been there, I know you have.

7. You are always ready to listen. We all have those friends that are ready to lend an ear, and I've probably got some of the best out there, but living so far apart from some of the greatest friends can be tough, but having someone someone like you definitely helps.

8. You don't mind celebrating cheesy anniversary dates. You shouldn't need an excuse to celebrate, but I love a gift as much as the next person. There becomes a point in a relationship where cheesy dates no longer matter, but I think you know that I won't give up on them.

That reminds me, Happy 7th sex-aversary, or shall I change that to the first time you told me you loved me? 
Happy 7 years anyway. 

Fenty Beauty foundation review

At 26 years old, I finally had my first colour match and I ask, why on earth did it take me so long?
I've never been the go-to girl when it comes to make-up, I either always had an orange smear across my neckline, or relied on my mums 80's collection of make-up to see me through my teens.
So make-up has never been my strong point, and I suppose I'm pretty much still a beginner in that sense, so when Rhianna released over 40 shades of foundation, I thought it was about time I stepped up my game.

I'm pretty content with a £12 bottle of foundation, because lets be honest, when do foundation brands match mixed race skin tones? It has always been a huge issue for me, and sitting down on a counter getting someone to match my awkward skin has been on my avoid list of years. 
I mean, who wants to pretend to have small talk about a foundation shade you know doesn't match your skin, and then you're up-sold 20 million other items, fully knowing that you're not going to use a single one.

Urghhh, make-up counters can be the devil in disguise.
I wish at the same time I could take that back, but getting colour matched for Fenty Beauty was a nightmare all on its own. It definitely wasn't an in-and-out job, but, that being said I've got my perfect match and I don't think I'm going to look back.
I'm £26 lighter, but has it been worth it?

YES! A million times over.

Unlike a lot of other foundations, Fenty Beauty is light on the skin, it dries quickly and doesn't leave that sticky feeling that is often left by cheaper alternatives.
However, because of it's quick dry action, it isn't suitable for beauty blenders and I've had to dig out those loyal old brushes, but it seems to have done the trick.
It gives around 12 hours wear, and only requires a very light touch-up then after. So as my now go-to foundation I'm ready to venture into the Fenty Beauty collection and see what else can suit this mixed race girl.

Oh, I'm shade 250, and it's an absolute beauty. Have you tried Fenty Beauty yet?