15 truths you should know about long-term relationships with men

Relationships are all fun and games, but long-term relationships are so different from a short-term fling.
  1. There is only one side of the bed - yours. Don't get confused about this, they will try and share an entire bed with you, but it yours. If you must share, give them a slither, no more.
  2. You will start dressing alike, and that's when things get freaky. You know the saying that dog owners look like their pets, well you and your partner will soon have outfits that look identical.
  3. Receiving breakfast in bed is a novelty, it'll wear off after the first year. It's a little like sex, it's fun at the start but then things get a little messy.
  4. You will no longer have arguments about important things. Every argument is evolved around where to go for dinner and what to watch on TV. Oh, and who will be cooking dinner.
  5. Your relationship will evolve into more than just a standard friendship, you'll be the best of friends before you know it.
  6. Rolled up socks are the devil, you will find them near the washing basket, in the washing machine and clogged up at the bottom of jeans.
  7. Your embarrassing habits will become less and less, so that time you accidentally farted won't matter a few years down the line.
  8. You will accidentally see each other pee, because locked door rarely mean anything anymore.
  9. Nights in will become second nature to you. A bottle of wine and a heavy binge watching session of the latest TV series will now become your go-to night.
  10. You'll quickly realise which one of you is better at remembering and planning schedules.
  11. The only person you will truly be weird around is your partner. That crazy side which was only present when you were alone, now has a new best friend.
  12. Big gestures are a minimum, but the regular small ones will make the biggest difference.
  13. You'll look back to the start of your relationship and laugh about all the awkward firsts you experienced together.
  14. One of you is the more serious person in the relationship, and it's not the one who runs around the supermarket making poor food jokes.
  15. Ultimately you'll realise that there is no other person you'd rather spend the rest of your life with (aww cute).

A dress without a jacket, are you crazy?

I keep rambling on about how Spring is finally here and we can actually eat ice cream outside without a thousand layers, but it's true. Thank goodness for warm seasons.
If you're still not entirely convinced that I'm a lover of warmer weather, then I'm sure my latest Spring vibe dress will win you over.
So for a brief 48hrs over the weekend we were graced with what I call golorious sunshine - que the shirtless boys and the short dress wearing girls - Hiya!
I love being able to leave the house without a jacket, it's a sense of freedom that you can't quite get anywhere else, maybe it's relief that I don't have to cover up an outfit that I spent 2 hours deciding whether or not to wear it.
Whatever it is, I'm so glad the sun is back.
Dresses have always been a small passion of mine, maybe not so much as a child, but I'm definitely making up for it now.
I love how a dress makes you feel, I feel like such a girly girl, running around in a dress that makes me feel super cute is the definition of summer to me.

Red dresses are my weakness at the moment, but I'll let you into a little secret, this dress was a bitch to get into.
I spent around an hour trying to understand how a wrap dress works and to this day I'm still a little dumfounded. 
If anyone has any tips or decent instructions as to how to put this dress on without breaking down after the 10th attempt, it would be very much appreciated.
Aside from the huge breakdown, and grabbing a few safety pins to keep the dress in place after an impromptu gust of wind decided to interrupt the photo session, I'd say it didn't turn out too badly.
Anyway, the dress is from Simplee Apparel which is on Amazon and for less than £20 I can't complain too much.

Forget wining and dining, step it up to a wine class

A dog is a mans best friend, but a glass (or bottle) of wine is a girls.
I'd like to say I know my wines, I know the difference in colours and that's about it, don't ask me to name a particular wine, my knowledge doesn't exceed that far, but as long as it tastes good I'm onboard. 
I've been lucky enough to experience a wide range of wine experiences, from vineyard tours, to wine tasting sessions at home and of course a wine tasting class. So it'll come as no surprise that I'm already looking up my next wine adventure.

A night filled with red and white wines, it was one I wasn't going to forget.
It was the 'Discover Italy' night.
Manchester Wine School doesn't have a fixed location, they circulate around a range of venues and I suppose that adds to the enticement of attending a wine event.
I found myself attending the Jury's Inn hotel in Manchester, a conference room seemed to be specifically hired out for the occasion, with around 20 people in attendance.
It's great attending events with a small number of people, and as the wine flows, the conversations between strangers seem to develop.
I suppose that's the great thing about wine, it definitely boosts your confidence and takes you out of your comfort zone.

It's a 2hr wine tasting event, which takes you through three Italian whites and three Italian reds, each from different regions of the beautiful country, and each an affordable bottle which can be found at your local supermarket.
I'm normally more interested in experiencing wine that you can't purchase anywhere but from the vendor themselves, this however, was a pleasant change.
The wines moved from Tesco to Costco, and Majestic to Aldi, as well as a few others.
Nibbles were supplied partway through the course, and it was great to soak up a little of that wine.
Discovering Italy was a fantastic way to sample wines that most of us wouldn't even glance at. Manchester Wine School indulges your senses and provides a great insight into what makes these particular wines so great, the history and the tasting techniques were a real treat to the night.
There were times where there could have been a little less talking from the host, and a little more drinking and conversing with other wine lovers, so on that side note they did let me down, but it's an experience I feel you should partake in, even if it is only the once.
But I'm pretty sure I'll be booking another wine tasting night in the future.
The wine school have regular tasting nights which get your tastebuds travelling around the world, so why not check them out.