Achieve the small things and reach for something greater

I'm at that point of the year where I start thinking about what I want to achieve next year. I make so many small promises to myself, many of which I barely take notice of.
I usually approach the year with the mindset of 'New Me, New Body, New Goals', but lets just be a little realistic, at least for now.
I think everyday should be taken as a new beginning, you shouldn't wait until Monday to kick-off the big to-do-list and I suppose that's the mindset I'm attempting to use.
As women, we have the ability to achieve anything, we put the impossible to the test, so I see no reason as to why I should wait until tomorrow.
Have you ever heard the saying:
"If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed."
I'm sure my mum used to say something along those lines, most definitely not about changing the world though. 
Crazily enough, this isn't about changing the world; this is about changing our attitudes to how we're so focussed on saying that we'll do something, for that one thing to remain unchanged. 
I'm all for resolutions, even better, I'm for creating achievable goals.
Achieving something is so satisfying, it's like, yes, I have worked my arse off and I've reached that goal, no matter how big or small it is, you should celebrate those small victories.
Small goals help you pursue the greater goals, there is nothing stopping you but yourself.
I think life should be filled with big and little goals, whether you're setting a money saving goal, or you're planning to phone that friend you've not spoken to in a couple of months, create a balance between them and you'll notice an enormous difference in the way you tackle your everyday.
We become so consumed by what others are achieving, that our own goals are put on the back burner.
Forget the back burner and start doing something different. We create our own luck in life, and we are provided with so many opportunities that we need to be brave enough to jump out of our comfort zones and attack them.
We consume what others think of us and compare ourselves to the young and reckless; these are our own biggest downfalls. It is one of my own, and in a way, that is a small goal I'm trying to achieve.
Stop comparing yourself to the celebrities, to the neighbour next door, to that girl on social media with a million followers. Everyone is different; everyone attacks their goals differently, at different paces and in different styles.
What makes us all unique is that we're all aiming for something different, but they can only be achieve when we stop comparing and start doing.
We are the creators of our own destiny, we carve our own paths and we either burn the bridges or re-build them along the way.
I'm excited to achieve something new, to better myself along the way and to create new experiences.

Creating new goals isn't just about doing something to change, but it can also be about learning to love who you are. Why change the things you're happy about, instead, focus on what makes you happy and build goals around that. Achieving something doesn't have to be hard work, it should be worthwhile.

Amazon beauty box - Review

Beauty boxes, I love them. I mean what's not to love? Regular mini-samples from exciting and emerging brands, and not having to leave the comfort of my own home to find these exclusive products.
Let's just take a few moments to appreciate the wonders of the Internet.
*silent applause*
#Amazonbeauty has just been released by Amazon, which I'm hoping will turn into something a little more regular.
My fingers are crossed.

The beauty world needs more affordable subscription boxes and if it's anything like the beauty box from Amazon, then I think we're all okay. I'm sure by now we've all heard of the big named subscription boxes like Birchbox and Glossybox, and they definitely do outshine a lot of other similar style subscriptions, but there is something quite refreshing about #Amazonbeauty.
To start, you receive nine products, both samples and full-sized beauty items are included, as well as a small information guide. 
What's a beauty box without one of those bad boy leaflets anyway?

First up is the Insta Fix and Go setting spray, the spray of the God's. I never leave the house without a good setting spray. I personally think it's the best way to keep your makeup in check and to get rid of that dry look, that is often left from powdered makeup. It sadly doesn't compare to my forever loyal Smashbox spray primer, but it's a good cheap alternative. 
Next up, is my favourite a Sally Hansen nail varnish - it is perfect.
I'm not a manicure girl, in fact, I'm not a salon girl, but this is everything in a bottle that I could ever need. It is salon material, in the comfort of your own home. 
I never need to leave the sofa again.
I think around a year ago I mentioned my adoration for the L'oreal Clay masks and it just so happens that they've released mini-sample sizes for the perfect night in. I think I'm in heaven because they're perfect when I'm travelling and need a little pick me up. 
I don't think any look is complete without a statement lipstick and the Bourjois Rouge Laque liquid lipstick nails it on the head. It's daring, bold and different, exactly what you want from a lipstick.
As with many beauty boxes, sample sized products are occasionally included, #Amazonbeauty leads with a sample size of Bio Oil, five miniature Nip+Fab cleansing pads, four miniature Yardley Contemporary Classic perfumes and a sample size of Cetaphil skin cleanser.
They're cute, small and of course get the job done. I find that more travel bags consist of more sample products than anything else, but they do come in handy. 
The icing on the cake ends with the dual precision Wunder brush. If you have the full kit at home, then you'll be aware of how great the brush can be for getting those perfect brows. 

It's the perfect box for any beauty enthusiast and at £14.99 it can only get better. Amazon currently has a promotion on, where you purchase the box at full price and receive the money back to use on beauty products sold directly from Amazon. It's a win, win in my book. Here's to hoping they jump onboard with the beauty subscription idea because I can't get enough.
Male versions of the box are also online, they focus more on sample sizes than anything else, but it's something fun for the boys.

#AmazonBeauty is changing the game. 

Rebuilding a relationship after experiencing a trauma

Trauma effects us differently, for some of us, we thrive through it, it makes us stronger individuals, others struggle and continue to do so for many years, but this isn't about me. This is about us.
I think experiencing something at the same time as someone else can be a helping hand, but it can also be the biggest downfall in your relationship.
You're both experiencing something, and maybe it's for the first time but you're also handling it very differently. 
Trauma can take everything that you've got, your security, calm and trust, and it is only in overcoming a traumatic experience that we can regain back those senses, but the biggest challenge of all, is rebuilding your relationship to its previous state.
It's the struggle of what comes next, does this experience make us stronger, or will we crumble at the next hurdle.

I'm no expert when it comes to relationships, I struggle on the best of days, but rebuilding yourself and each other is something that has to be done together. There are definitely days where I've felt as if I've been the only one trying, and I'm sure Jack has felt exactly the same way, and trust me, it's much easier to give in and throw the towel down, but neither of us like to give up that easily.
At the moment we're on a rebuilding path, we're not sure if we're heading the right way but we're starting to understanding that we'll both progress at our own pace and there's no need to race to the finishing line.
I think we both set ourselves unrealistic targets, both aiming to achieve something in a period of time, that frankly was too soon for both of us, and in someways, still is.
Rebuilding after trauma is about patience, taking the time to appreciate that everyone deals with things at a different pace and in a different way. There is a lot to deal with, both physically and mentally, for the both of us.

Slow and steady wins the race.

We're coming to terms with reality, life moves on and the more we encourage and take those forward steps, our relationship gradually redevelops itself into something positive, and something that we can realistically look forward to.
A traumatic experience shouldn't define you, nor your relationship. Instead, focus on the strengths and be proactive on them. The end goal is to come through this together, and to come out stronger on the other side.
We've hit our bump in the road, but slowly, we're climbing through to the other side - it sounds super corny, but you can't rebuild without the support of others.