Hair & Beauty Essentials To Get You Through The Rest of Summer

Where has the Summer gone, did it even arrive? All I know for certain is that Autumn is fast approaching and the minimal amount of sun we have had these past few months is about to disappear.
So as the summer starts dwindling away here are my 4 hair & beauty essentials to get you through.

Smash box - Photo Finish Primer Water

Okay so I know we haven't had much sunlight to make our faces melt off, but for the days when it has been too hot to pile on that extra layer of foundation, the primer water makes its mark. Quite like a cooling mist but instead of just refreshing your skin it acts as the perfect canvas for our makeup application. It is pretty much my everyday essential, it leaves my skin feeling hydrated throughout the day, meaning that I hardly ever need to retouch my makeup. Apparently the electrolytes in the primer are designed to moisturise and awaken the skin, making our makeup look 100% better - we can't all be flawless.

The summer is all about locking in your look and Smashbox have nailed it down to a T. Pair this with your favourite foundation whatever the weather and you'll have your look locked in for the night. The primer can be used daily and if you're feeling super fancy pop it in your handbag and use it throughout the day.

The Little Health Company - Cow Bags

My pet hate is bags under the eyes, don't you just find them really irritating, like what are they even doing there? 
I've been hunting down great eye creams for years and to find one that is 100% natural, affordable and designed for sensitive skin is a 'winner winner chicken dinner'.
The Cow Bags eye cream has been apart of my daily ritual for quite a while now and I can't see me ever looking back. 
It is a mixture of cream and oil so it's best left in a cool room to stay in its solid form and unlike other eye creams it is actually made in the UK.
Now don't get me wrong, nothing is going to completely get rid of dark circles under the eyes apart from a lot of sleep and hydrating yourself often, but this sure does soften and sooth those horrendous bags under my eyes.
The Little Health Company are stepping it up with this little gem. A tub lasts your around a month or two and it isn't long until you start noticing a difference. Late night Netflix session? No need to worry when you've got Cow Bags at home.

Nip+Fab Face Cleanser

After all that summer heat or lack of it in Manchester, our faces need a little cleansing. Maybe it's just me but after spending a day in the sun I always feel really dirty and nothing but a cool shower and a good cleanse can sort me out. I actually came across Nip+Fab by accident and it has been the best accident I've ever made. Designed to brighten and freshen the face it actually works exactly as it is described and for someone who has pretty sensitive skin I'm over the moon at the difference it has made.
It's another everyday essential, but this one stays in the bathroom cabinet rather than my handbag.

Sometimes when I really want to pamper myself I leave the cleanser on my face for around 5 minutes, just like a mask and sit back and relax in a bath surrounded by as many Lush bombs as my tub can take. It's the perfect little miracle worker and if you're prone to blemishes, lumps and bumps and even acne on your face it can guide you into the right direction of getting that 'oh so flawless' skin.
Toni&Guy Volume Plumping Whip
I sometimes really hate my hair, it never does what I want it to do and because I have the in-between of super white girl hair and super black girl it literally just sits in some sort of limbo.
I feel like I have tried everything to tame the frizz but nothing has worked... until this beauty.
Scepticism was my initial thought, could this little tub really treat my curls and still give them that natural bounce? - yes it can.
A walnut amount is recommended but I always use just a little under and comb it through my hair using my hands.
Style and then bob's your uncle - beautiful, natural looking hair.

If volume is what you're looking for then Toni&Guy are your answer, they're known for providing some of the best hair care and the volume plumping whip gives you your dream hairstyle in a matter of seconds.

Okay so it has been an interesting summer, the sun hasn't always been my friend but these gems have got me through. Have you guys got any hair and beauty essentials? Which ones are your favourite?

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Sophie Jane said...

Love Nip + Fab products, they make my skin feel amazing. Cute blog x