Why L'Orèal clay masks are your next purchase

I honestly cherish the days when my skin was blemish, spot, wrinkle and whatever else free.
I can't be the only one, can I?

As soon as I hit my teenager years the weekly pocket money would be spent stocking up on face masks and pretending I was another friend of the lavished Sex in the City girls.
That didn't last for long - clearly I wasn't going to be the fifth friend and I moved onto the more rebellious teenage years and the beauty and skin care regime was the last thing I wanted to care about.

Now, lets zoom forward into my 20's (eek nearly mid-twenties) and my skin has become number one priority - sorry Jack but a girl has to keep her appearances up.
The weekly pamper sessions have become a ritual and the smallest breakout can ruin my entire day, hold on, week.

Face masks have become a weekly and sometimes nightly addition to my pamper sessions and I'm pretty sure we have all stocked up on the £1 face masks that are stocked in nearly every high street store.
It was high time I jumped onto other face masks and I was kindly sent the new L'Oréal Pure Clay face masks - Glow, Purity and Detox.

A beautifully scented clay mask that actually leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated? Yes, L'Oréal have really stepped up their face masks.
Glow is designed to brighten and exfoliate your skin, whilst leaving you in a blissful moment.
It's pretty messy to apply but the results are some of the best I've seen from a clay mask.

It is mixed with three types of pure clay and red algae, hence the red tone.
Within 10 minutes the clay is ready to be removed and your skin is once again brought back from the brink of death.
I suppose, if you like me, stare at computer screens all day and are tired of those useless bags under your eyes, then a few sessions of this is sure to sort that out.

I honestly feel like I've just walked into a spa when I put this on. The smell is so calming that it instantly makes me want to book a pamper session in.
I can't quite describe the feeling I get when I put this one, but it's a hugely positive one.
This one isn't so messy and has more of a cooling sensation compared to purity and detox.

Another three clay mask but Purity is combined with a eucalyptus extract instead of algae.
It is designed for oily skin because it dries without stripping or irritating your face and is the perfect solution if you've just experienced a blemish or spot breakout.

It's the king of all clay masks, Detox. 
A well scented but not too overpowering addition to your Sunday night detox.
I mean lying in bed with a hangover, sipping bananas smoothies with this on your face is a little miracle in the making.

With a combination of three clays and charcoal it is designed to draw out those impurities that seem to have nestled into your skin.
Now I know the last thing any of us want to be doing is to spend half our day covering ourself in face masks, but it takes a few seconds to apply, 10 minutes to set and you're now halfway through your Netflix episode.
Is this what dreams are really made of?

It's recommend that you use the masks two-three times a week, and so far I've opted for the two and I'm pretty pleased with the results.
The entire set is quite magical and it's hard to choose a favourite. I love combining the three together so that I get all the benefits at once.
Have you tried L'Oréal Pure Clay yet?

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