Manchester Carnival Transforming the North

The Caribbean carnival is the most notorious black culture event that has graced the UK since 1966, however it is Notting Hill carnival in London that has grown with steady success, leaving the North to bring forth their own event.
Taking place in Alexandra Park the event is held over two days, in which music, food, alcohol, art and dance fuels both day and night.
This year saw the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Barbados and Guyana independence with the introduction of the Bajan village. 
Carnival is about celebrating the freedom and culture of all ethnicity's, and although mainly focusing on Caribbean culture, it is a festival that has become embraced by all.
Kicked off by a parade that takes route around the surrounding area of Alexandra Park, your eyes and ears are treated to stunning outfits, excited faces and non-stop music. 
Through the constant press around the world of Black Lives Matter it is fantastic to see such a united front from all races at this huge celebration.
I honestly don't know what I was more excited about, the curry goat or the Caribbean rum punch (cause you know that stuff is strong).
As the festival unfolds itself you become lost in a sea of happy faces - somehow I always think that's a bit bizarre up in the north, but I just go with it.

I just love the atmosphere that carnival brings, it is unlike anything else and truly a place where you can be yourself.
There is a rather large difference between London and Manchester, with the parade taking place throughout the majority of the day through the streets on Notting Hill, in Manchester it is less than a handful of hours and instead you are greeted by bars, carnival rides, music stages, clothing stalls and endless amounts of food stands.
Manchester carnival is a more family friendly event, I mean carnival is a place where we can drink until we're brave enough to join the overcrowding dance tents but it is held in a safer and less confined atmosphere.
As someone who has been lucky enough to experience both the North and South Caribbean carnival it is great to see how different they are.
If you haven't yet had the chance to explore Carnival then you still have time. With Manchester and London holding Carnival on different dates throughout August you can pick either or indulge in both.

Have you guys ever been to a caribbean carnival? Which one has been your favourite?


Anonymous said...

Love this post and I love that these types of events bring all types of people together x

Miki Sui said...

I love these kinds of festivals! I've never been to one in Manchester or London, but it looks like so much fun and so great to see a mix of people come together.