The reality of moving in with your partner

Right, so Jack and I have been dating for just over 5 years and out of those, lets call them wonderful and flawless days, weeks and months, we have been living with each other for just over 3 (eek nearly 4) years.
I must admit it is never easy taking that step, you know moving in with a boy.
We must have all been warned at some point in our lives that they're messy, sometimes smelly, unorganised and pretty lazy. But no one has ever told me about all the fun you get to have when it's you and your favourite person practically living out of each others pockets.

I think the biggest shock was when my parents realised that I actually liked boys (I still find it weird saying men), I think the countless posters of Kristen Stewart (if you're reading this Kristen, you're still my number one girl crush) spread across my bedroom wall put them off the scent.
Now lets fast forward a few years and here I am, living with a boy, in a city that is not my own.
I remember the first thing my mother said to me when I slyly slotted into our monthly catchup that I was thinking about moving in with Jack after dating for just short of 2 years; "Do you have a backup plan, what if it goes wrong? What will you do? Are you sure?"
Supportive as ever (lets be honest if your mum didn't ask you these questions is she really your mum?) I went along with my plan anyway and somehow we have lived in three beautiful homes and are finally saving up to buy our own.

I can't believe that I'm actually talking about eventually buying my own home. I feel like my entire life so far has been driving towards this point and now that I'm almost there I don't really know what to do next. Obviously moving in with a boy means you've got to combine your home interior styles together and come up with something you both agree on, but am I really wanting a guys input on how to style a home - queue argument.

Taking those first steps is probably the easiest thing you have to do in a relationship. I mean at first it seems pretty daunting but it's once you've moved in that the chaos happens.
I think the biggest argument and probably the same argument we constantly have is - who's turn is it to do the washing up or why do I have to take out the bins?
It is like a never-ending merry-go-round that no one ever tells you about, if I knew it was going to be this frustrating I would have never mentioned the washing up in the first place.

So here we, merging onto that six year mark (I'm not really sure if that's a milestone but if I'm having to count on both hands it counts) and I think we have finally found our feet. Well I mean if being able to order pizza whenever you like and walk around in a pair of knickers and a tatty jumper without being judged, then I'm pretty sure we've made it - I'd like to say it is Jack that walks around in the knickers and jumper but I'm not even sure if I could bare that sight.
But honestly it isn't all petty arguments or waiting around at all hours of the day for the Tesco delivery on a Saturday afternoon to finally arrive. It's the freedom of figuring out how to live with someone completely new and lets be honest, who is completely different from you.
By no means are we the perfect couple, we're actually pretty far from it, but I guess you could say we're perfect to each other.

I do still miss living with other girls though.

Have you got any tips for moving in with a partner? What keeps you going?


Anonymous said...

Hahaha. This is so true, the washing up is awful.

Josie Weirn said...

I honestly hate washing up and I think we probably argue about that all the time. It's nice to see we aren't the only ones.

Tammylonglegs said...

Where is the picture of Jack walking around in a pair of knickers and a tatty jumper? Lol! Can't we be the judge of that??!! Hee hee

Stevie Blackburn said...

I feel your pain on the saving for your house front! We are just about to buy and it's such a soul destroying time hahah! My advice is def learn to compromise. Although I don't know how Jamie still hasn't learnt how to pick his clothes up off the floor :') haha!! Stevie xx

Yasmin La Ronde said...

I honestly think all guys do the clothes thing, Jack still somehow manages to throw his clothes next to the laundry basket.
The house saving is a little destroying but I honestly can't wait until I can finally afford to buy one.