Why London has some of the best day festivals in the UK

So I love a festival as much as the next person, laying in the sun all day, sipping on expensive beer and listening to music you've never heard before - isn't that what it's all about?
For all of you who know me you'll be aware that I'm a keen festival goer. Over the years I have experienced some of the best and worst music acts to date and somehow I keep coming back for more.

2008, it was my first big concert (aside from Busted with the girl guides) and I snuck out with a friend to head to Brixton for the night. I don't think I have ever been more excited, maybe it was the excitement of getting lost in a crowd surrounded by roaring sounds, or just the fact that I had lied to my parents to experience something I don't think they could fully understand.
Whatever the reason, it was a night I wouldn't forget, because after all that effort of travelling from Essex to get into London and queuing up outside for hours, the gig got cancelled.
So that was the start of my music journey.

Fast forward a few years and I've lost count of the amount of festivals and concerts I have experienced, and moving away from the south has meant that I have missed out on some of the better known festivals.
Last week I hopped on a coach (not for the faint hearted) and headed down to London, 
Caught by the River Thames festival was being held by Fulham Palace and I managed to get myself two tickets.
It's a beautiful setting, hidden amongst the hustle and bustle of London life Fulham Palace and the gardens exhibit a surreal escape.

I think I was more taken aback by how quaint and scenic London can be away from the city centre, but after a few sips of Gosnells gluten free beer anything can seem scenic.
It is prime festival season, August still has a few more weeks left in it and I'm sure you can still snag yourself a few day festival tickets for whatever takes your fancy.
Caught by the River Thames is a festival like no other. Held over two days you get to immerse yourself in everyday beauty that we miss in our regular busy lives.
Whether you're there to try as many different alcoholic beverages as possible, or explore your tastebuds on the ever growing cuisines, you can experience that alongside poetry readers, literature talks, acoustic sets and even lose yourself in the outstanding walled gardens.
This festival is a bridge between music, art and nature and what better way to experience than in the capital city itself.
The music acts were outstanding and it's hard to believe that I hadn't heard of the majority of them, but then again that's what makes a festival so unique.

Festivals are what you make it, whether it rains or shines it is about making sure you enjoy and experience as much as you possibly can.
If you're already nestled in or around London then it's home to some of the best known artists and acts, and with the tube running practically every two - three minutes there is no reason why you can't start exploring more of those hidden day festivals.
Plus you don't need to worry about forgetting those essential baby wipes if you're only attending for the day.

Have you guys experienced any festivals this year, which ones are your favourite?

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