Why NYX have some of the best go to lipsticks

It seems that my lipstick draw is forever growing. Part of me can't throw away all the beautiful shades, even though I know they have been sitting there for a good three years - goodbye is the saddest word.
Over the past few makeup shopping trips I've found myself constantly heading over to Boots to explore the NYX counter. My bank balance doesn't thank me, but you've got to treat yo self!
I feel that every trip I make to NYX they have somehow expanded and I've found myself exploring for an extra five minutes every single time.
Now don't get me wrong I'm no expert when it comes to finding the perfect shade, and after staring down the butter glosses that I still find myself grabbing and then putting back, I've come across a few keepers and a handful of losers.

NYX - Lingerie (Baby Doll & Teddy)

The lingerie liquid lipstick has to be undoubtedly NYX's best. It's a little more expensive than the rest of their lipstick range, but at £6.50 it has to be the most affordable brand around.
It is much softer than your average lipstick and is probably one of the easiest to apply. The wand is thin and long so it ensures you get full coverage, whilst not drying your lips out.
There are 12 shades to choose from and each very different to your standard competitors.
I'd like to say the design and style of lingerie is very much like the Kylie Jenner lip kit.
Some say it's a great alternative and an affordable one at that, but lets be honest until that lip kit finally launches in the UK I'm pretty pleased with what NYX have to offer.
If you're looking for more natural and neutral tones then this is the ideal purchase. I know NYX are known for being bold, but the lingerie range is a little more subtle compared to the rest of their colourful selection.

NYX - Wicked Lippie (Immortel)

This was such an impulsive purchase that to this day I still regret it. The counter had just opened up and I have honestly never seen so many people confined into such a small space - it was crazy and I panicked.
I'm not really a purple kind of girl and when I do wear this I mix it with mac heroine for a more subtle look. The wicked lippie is very glossy, nothing like a standard lipstick. For some reason it gives off a really shiny look and doesn't stick well on lips. 
I've have to re-apply this between 3-4 times a day if I wear it on its own. It definitely isn't long lasting and if you do fancy a wild coloured lipstick then pair it with a standard one to make it last throughout the day.
Moral of the story, don't ever panic buy.

NYX - Lipliner Pencil (Ever)

I've always been a fan of lip pencils, the bolder the better and I've been scouting out NYX for quite a while because they absolutely nail the spot.
There is something quite sophisticated about lip pencils. The first time I used one I felt incredibly posh and thought that I should start drinking tea with my pinky held out.
I like pencils that can be worn on their own, you know the ones that still give you fantastic coverage - well NYX do just that!
They have quite a subtle look but if you're wanting your lips to make a bigger statement then pair it up with some liquid suede or lingerie. It'll make your lips pop.

NYX - Liquid Suede (Sandstorm)

Your lips should feel lavished and adding a bit of suede goes a long way.
It's a little lighter than standard lip gloss and even lipstick but adds more of an elegant tone to your lips.
It's another product that takes its form of a wand shape, making it easy to apply and ideal for those of us who have dry lips.
I don't know what it is with wand products but I think they are becoming my new favourites.
The liquid suede ranges from bolds to neutral colour tones, and although not as thick as lingerie it has more of a glossy undertone but does have a matte finish when dried.
It currently sells at the same price as lingerie but it offers something completely different.
Your lips shouldn't feel heavy when applying lipstick, instead you should get the feeling that they're being cared for and suede gives you that sensation after every swipe of the wand.

Basically I've found that the wand products (Lingerie and Suede) by NYX are far superior compared to their standard lipsticks and lip pencils. The colours are very outspoken but when paired well they can make everything look a little more sophisticated.
I guess I'm back off to NYX to top up my draw.

Have you bought anything from NYX recently? Which ones are your fav?

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Josie Weirn said...

I love NYX, I use quite a few of their products and not just their lipsticks. I really like their lingerie range at the moment. I hope they expand the range.