Bella Italia's New Menu

Food glorious food.

Did you just say free food?

Last night I was lucky enough to be apart of Bella Italia's new menu tasting night.
As you know me and food go a long way back, so it was a real treat scoffing down this exciting alternative menu.

If you're new to Bella Italia then I can't recommend it enough, it's also gluten-free and vegetarian friendly. So there's no reason you should say no.
A restaurant dedicated to bringing you affordable and family friendly Italian food, Bella Italia has to be on next on your list.

Our evening started off with two starters:

Mozzarella pizza bread (can be made gluten-free), and Arancini Funghi. Both starters were vegetarian friendly and boy did they taste good.
The pizza bread is light and has just the perfect crunch, I recommend asking for a tomato relish to dip the bread in because it adds the perfect finishing touch.
The Arancini is perfect if you're a mushroom fan, the deep fried risotto balls are completely moreish and you better be quick because they're pretty addictive.

At this point of the meal I was pretty stuffed but I pushed on. 
My mind set was that I cannot let it defeat me.

So next we were treated to:

Pollo Robiola, Carbonara (can be made gluten-free) and Panzerotti Funghi (vegetarian).

Pasta on pasta on pasta - literally!

Go get yourself the Pollo Robiola, it's an absolute dream. It's a mouthwatering combination of chicken, a cream sauce, Robiola cheese and rocket. 
I'm still drooling over this.

As the evening pushed on so did my stomach.
Desserts were up next and somehow I still managed to have a few spoonfuls (9 to be exact) of the famous trio shot desserts.

Orange cheesecake, strawberry cannoli and salted caramel chocolate.

Be prepared to book in a visit with your dentist once you have demolished these.
Each shot glass is under 300 calories and is of course vegetarian friendly and the perfect way to end a delicious banquet.

The three glasses were filled to the brim with sauce and cream, so it's no wonder I had to be carried home.

The evening ended with a shot of limoncello and what a perfect ending.

If you get a chance book yourself into your nearest Bella Italia and try out some of their new menu.
Trust me it's to die for.

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Jason Mets said...

This looks absolutely amazing. I'm drooling over those desserts right now.