Five solutions to beating that stress

Argh! It's another hectic week and everything is just getting on top of me again. I don't know about you but sometimes a cup of tea just doesn't solve all of those problems.
I can't help but wonder if I'm the only one that seems to have a constant build up of stress, does it always follow me around and will it ever disappear?
Oh and where has 2016 got to? It's already September and I'm not entirely sure what I have been doing for the past nine months - help!

Do I start planning for Christmas, what about Halloween? I saw a store getting its Christmas stock ready the other day, part of me thinks it's far too soon.
Lets not even get started on my autumn wardrobe, I haven't even thought about it.
I mean how much stress does a girl need to go through? Essentially I'm hoping I'm going through some sort of cocooning process where after this turmoil I'll come out as a beautiful, stress-free butterfly, that's how it works, right?

Maybe it's just the process of getting older, do you become more stressed the older you get?
Whatever it is I'm combating it and I've found my own solutions to these so called first world problems.

  1. Find a music playlist and turn it up to eleven. Whatever your jam is make sure it's on loud! There is something so calming about jumping around your room and singing (well screaming) to your favourite track. I always feel like I'm in a music video and then I pretend that they're singing to me - gosh it gets so emotional in there. I think having that chance to be on your own, in your own world and surrounded by things that make you happy is the perfect stress reliever. Even if it's only for three or five minutes find that one song that evokes every emotion and let loose.
  2. Soak in a warm bath and bring that glass of wine - a glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away (forget the apple). Nothing can calm me down quicker than soaking in a warm bath, with a lush bath bomb, some bath salts, candles and a glass of red wine. Having a bath should be about pampering yourself, it's just you and that warm soapy water for an hour so don't forget the face mask, and if you've got more time on your hands settle in and watch a few episodes of your favourite Netflix series, but just remember to keep that water topped up.
  3. Get your sweat on and workout. Now I don't mean throw on some exercise clothes and run around your living, get out of the house and go for a run or hit the gym. Working out does so much for me, not only does it keep me fit but I release so much built up anger. I must scare whoever is on the machine next to me because my angry workout face is not cute! Apparently certain types of exercise are great for relieving stress, but I find 30 minutes on the cross trainer suits me.
  4. The kitchen is where happiness can be created. Okay so even if you're not the greatest baker in the world get yourself one of those fairy cake box mixes, you know the ones with the tasty cartoon icing pieces. Baking has been my go to for years and I hardly eat cakes now because I find it a little bit of an effort to bake gluten free. This now means that even though the majority of the time I'm stressed out with Jack he seems to end up with an enormous homemade cake just for him. I still can't quite work that one out.
  5. Find your favourite book and grab a herbal tea. Whether it's raining or the sun has put its beams on nothing can beat a good book and a great cup of tea. Loosing myself in someone else's happiness or misery seems to hit the spot. So who cares if it's all make belief, as long as it takes away that stress it's all good by me.
What are your best stress relieving tips and have you found any that work?

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Charlotte said...

I always find that a bubble bath eases my stress. I love these little tips, I think I'm going to try baking some cakes.