King Street Townhouse Hotel

If you're booking a trip to Manchester make sure it includes this hotel - King Street Townhouse.
I recently got to experience a night in this gorgeous hotel with Jack, and yes I do only live a 30 minute walk away.
There is something quite naughty about booking a hotel room in a city that you already live in, so if you're going to do it make sure you pull out all the stops.
The hotel is unlike any I have visited before, and maybe that's because I normally try and find something that is cheap and cheerful (as long as it has a bed and a coffee machine it's a winner).
The townhouse is in the centre of Manchester, hidden behind glass office buildings and Manchester Town Hall, it is a place you probably wouldn't even notice.
There is always something beautiful hidden within each city, and King Street Townhouse is like Manchester's best kept secret.

We checked into the hotel at 3pm and were gestured towards to the bar whilst they took our bags to our room.
There are two bars available at the hotel but the one I can't recommend enough is the terraced bar.
It is here that you see views of Manchester that you can't see anywhere else, and what's better than sitting back high above the rest of the world and watching the day go by?
The terraced area is covered in fairy lights which make the evenings come alive and small tables and chairs with scattered cushions which make it look like the ideal romantic spot.
The smaller bar which is located at the front of the hotel has quite a glamorous vintage feel to it, the colour scheme is quite dark but works well with the theme of the entire hotel and makes for the perfect late night dinner setting.

After drinks we made our way to our room and it is instantly like you've stepped into some sort of room designed for royalty.
Entering through the door into your own separate hallway you have a cupboard dedicated for the softest robes imaginable, iron with board, hairdryer and enough space to set yourself up for at least two weeks.
You then walk directly into your bathroom which is divided into three sections - bath, shower and toilet.
I had the ultimate fan girl moment when it came to the freestanding bath. It has forever been a dream of mine to soak in a tub designed from the Victorian era, and boy did I soak in it. Jack had to eventually drag me out because I didn't want to leave and do anything else.
The bathroom is separated from the bedroom by a sliding door, where the room is engulfed by a super king sized bed that is filled with goose down feather pillows and a pocket sprung mattress. I totally understand why each room is related to a type of comfort - snug, cosy, comfy, luxe js and suite.
To top it off the room has a well stocked mini-fridge and a nespresso machine which is to use at your desire. 
The magical touch to the room was the music that was being played softly in the background as we entered the bedroom.
It's a cute little touch to an already enchanting room.

The piece of resistance is the infinity pool, relaxation room and steam room on top of the hotel that is open to all residents.
I think the fact that during our stay we had the entire top floor to ourselves made the experience that more special.
The infinity pool overlooks a side to Manchester that I could never have believed existed, it's a sight to behold and one that can't be missed.
After spending part of our day submerged in the spa pool we decided to take advantage of the steam and relaxation rooms.
They were both the perfection additions to our day, and with iced cucumber and iced lemon water at hand there wasn't really a reason for us to leave (aside from our dinner reservations, but to be honest I could have stayed there all day).

What do you guys think of King Street Townhouse, have you been before?

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Anonymous said...

I've been here, it's amazing and the infinity is the best bit. If you get a chance to go back you should try the food!