The Real Issues of Having Long Hair

Ugh! Is that another hair?
Yes, yes it is, now leave me alone.

This has become a daily routine - 'Hey long hair'

You know those girls who are envious of other girls having long hair, don't be, it's more a nightmare than anything.
I could be a millionaire (more likely billionaire) by now if I had a £1 every time someone found my hair stuck on their jumper or lying around of the floor.
It literally gets everywhere.

I once cut my hair extremely short and to this day I still regret it, it took years to grow back. But as much as I love having long hair it's more of a nuisance.

1. There is no such thing as a cute top bun - the photos lie! Girl, if you have thick long hair good luck trying to turn that into some tight hair pulling ball on the top of your head. It will most likely end up half the size of your head and weighing you down.

2. Zips and buttons are not your friend. If you're planning on wearing any clothes today then make sure your hair is already tied up or you throw something on that doesn't involve those evil things. I think a quarter of my hair is still stuck in one of my zip hoodies.

3. There's a hair in my food, oh wait, it's mine. As nice as it is having long hair when you're trying to eat food it's just out to get you! It'll either get caught in your mouth as you're chowing down on a delicious pho or it'll end up wedged between the chicken and noddles.

Excuse me, but I found a hair in my food.

It's pretty awkward when you realise it's yours.

4. How much to dye my hair? Yes, you heard that correctly, nearly triple the amount that your friend just paid to have the exact same thing. Ugh! Curse you long hair.

5. Boyfriend: Why do you keep buying bobby pins, you bought a packet last week?
    Girlfriend: I know, I think my hair secretly eats them.

6. Trying the sexy hair flip outside and just getting caught in about 50 tree branches. Sometimes I can still find twigs after a day or two.

7. Never being able to do a quick hair wash. I love washing my hair at the start of the day, but only when I know I've no plans. The phone goes on aeroplane mode and ain't no-one going to be interrupting my hair plans.

Three hours later ...

It has only started to dry, and that's at the top.

8. Shampoo bottle - 'Use a walnut size amount and glide through hair'. Me - Half a bottle down and it still isn't washed.
I don't think I have ever managed to wash my hair using a walnut sized amount.

9. Trying to be seductive with your partner and releasing that they're not speaking because you're suffocating them with your hair. Sorry Jack.

I think they should start making sorry cards for this.

'Sorry for suffocating you with my hair'.

10. Washing your hair in the shower and finding that it has somehow managed to get into every place imaginable. I don't know how it manages it, but my booty seems to hoard at least two or three strands.

11. Having friends with long blonde hair and every time they come over to visit you know you'll be finding those sneaky strands for months to come. Yes, I'm talking to you.

12. Being told you should just cut your hair if it's too much hassle, but secretly you'd be lost without it.

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