Why Ruimio have the best autumn shades for under £10

Sorry eyes but lips are the new focus point.
It's all about a pout and a shout and I give that up to Ruimio.

I'm constantly caught between whether I should spend £40 on a kylie jenner lip kit, just for it to be held up at customs and I'm then forced to pay an extra £20 just to smother my lips in something I probably already have, or whether I should just stick to whatever I stumble across in Debenhams or online.
Now don't get me wrong I'm probably the first in line for the newest and latest brand but sometimes nothing can beat a good set of budget lip pencils.

The Ruimio set comes with not one but twelve lip pencils.

Yes you've heard that correctly, TWELVE.

The shades range from nude to wine red and caramel to orange, so it's the perfect autumn setup.
You've got yourself a colour for each day of the week and more, so glam it up girl.

Side note - Jack now hates me because I have occupied another draw in the house, so I think a makeup room is in order for our new house (fingers crossed).

I am totally in love with autumn shades at the moment and what better way to make these pop than pairing them with your favourite autumn lipstick.

If you're looking for a budget kit to get you through the autumn nights then this beauty has got you covered.
Ruimio are even waterproof, so a girls night out has just been put into order.
Each lip pencil glides onto lips easily without roughing them up and they are well pigmented, which means they can be used on their own or alongside a lipstick or gloss.

*This post is in collaboration with Ruimio as they kindly sent me these lip pencils to spoil my lips with.


Tammylonglegs said...

Good blog. How much do they cost?

Yasmin La Ronde said...

They are £7.99 at the moment, which is an absolutely crazy price for 12 lip pencils so don't miss out x