4 makeup brushes that we all can afford

Finally, payday has graced us once again and there's now no need to slum it, but for the next few days we can all live in a little luxury.
I feel like a queen every single payday and I want to believe it's because it means that I'm another step closer to being able to afford a house, but in reality it's because I can now add another item to my makeup collection - I am an adult, honest

Over the years I've heard a lot about Real Techniques and not just because they are affordable brushes, but also because they are cruelty-free.
I love stumbling across companies that to aim to change the world we live in bit by bit and we can all make that gradual change with our makeup, especially brushes.

Now don't get me wrong these are nothing like a set of Kat Von D or Urban Decay brushes, but when you've got a budget to keep to, these are perfect.

The Real Techniques set provides you with four beautiful brushes; a contour brush, a pointed foundation brush, a detailer brush and a buffing brush. 

Contour Brush
This babe of a brush is ideal for contouring your best features and for applying blusher. It is best for either powder or liquid contour/blush palettes. The way in which the brush is shaped helps you reach those awkward places when contouring and makes your beginners work look like an experts.
Pointed Foundation Brush
This beautiful specimen is ideal for liquid based foundation. The hairs of the brush glide softly across your skin without leaving brush marks and is ideal for a light or heavy coverage.
Detailer Brush
This has to be a concealers best friend. The brush works by covering blemishes and redness around your skin, especially around the sides of the nose and underneath the eyes. The concealer you use will also be a big help but this brush is what adds the detail.
Buffing Brush
A girls best friend is a buffing brush, it's the one brush you'll find in practically every clutch bag as you huddle to the toilets. This is perfect for adding powder or bronzer to your complexion and the softness of the brush makes everything blend effortlessly.

What more can we want in life - well besides some new shoes, a dress, some chocolate and a bottle of wine.
The set also arrives in a very handy case that can be used as a stand when at home or it can be slotted into your handbag when you're on your travels.
What's even more amazing about this kit is that it is under £22. Yes, you read that correctly. Four brushes coming it at under £22 is most definitely affordable

So what are you waiting for? It is payday after all.

What are your favourite makeup brushes at the moment?

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