5 Things You Should Do In Paris

Paris, je t'aime. 
I can't get over how much I adore Paris, it is one of those cities that I would vacate to every month if I could.
The food, the people, the place and don't get me started on the wine.
If Heaven was a place it would honestly be Paris.

Now I've experienced the full tourist mode, hitting every tourist trap like it's going out of fashion, buying a map as soon as I get off the Eurostar. 
I've been there done that and got the T-shirt far too any times to remember. 
I'm no expert when it comes to Paris but I like to think I know what to avoid and where to go.

5. Eiffel Tower - The most iconic landmark in Paris.
It is perhaps the most touristy place in Paris but a place you must visit nonetheless. It is on the top of this tower that I feel in love and the one place that I continue to go back to. Whether you go for the views, to toast champagne or just to experience this historic sight, it is one you will not forget.

4. Cafe De Flore - Have you ever watched 'Midnight in Paris'?
Although another tourist trap it is a beautiful one to be trapped by. So don't get me wrong the food and drinks are a little pricey but the setting is just to die for. If you do end up making a visit try their hot chocolate. It's fresh and mouthwateringly godly.

3. Parc des Buttes Chaumont and Luxembourg Gardens - Beautiful scenery that will perfect your day.
If walking through the streets of Paris doesn't win you over then maybe the parks and gardens will. Whether it rains or shines a visit to these outstanding gardens will make you instantly want to pack your bags and move to Paris. 
I've never experienced a daytime or evening stroll like it and if walking isn't your thing, then pack up a picnic and relish in the Parisian atmosphere.

2. The Catacombs - A hidden underground burial site that will open your eyes.
When you think of Paris you associate it with romance, but the Catacombs are far from romantic. An underground burial site which spans around 200 miles underneath the romantic city we all adore. It's a place filled with history that really awakens you to the difficulties Paris faced in 17th Century. There are over six million people buried below in the tunnels.
Grab your walking boots and prepare yourself.

1. Sacree Fleur - If you're going to eat anything in Paris make sure it is here.
The restaurant is outstanding but be prepared to book well in advance as tables do fill up and they rarely accept walk-ins.
They are known for their exceptional cuts of meat so don't be afraid to go all out, and if you've never tried a French delicacy then Sacree Fleur gives you the opportunity to try the very best.

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