Five things every new home needs

Do you ever move into a new home and instantly start creating a list of things that you want to buy?

Just me?
No really, do you do it as well?

Moving into a new home is pretty stressful, packing up boxes, screaming at your partner to help you pack and then getting distracted by all the old nik naks under your bed.

I told you it was stressful.

I guess moving to a new home is all about the new adventure you're about to take. So whether you're renting or buying, your new venture is never complete without a few home essentials.
In all my 25 years of life I've lived in seven (that's a new house nearly every 3.5 years, it's shocking, I know) different homes, some longer than others but each with their own unique memory, and to be honest the only exciting part of moving has been creating that ever growing list of dream accessories and furnishings that I don't think Jack will ever approve of.
There are those small triumphs however, you know the ones where you've been saving all month so you could final purchase that dream sofa.

Yes, just a sofa.

I mean it's that overwhelming feeling you get when you finally hand over your bank card, and that dream list you created all those years and months ago is finally become a reality.

So perhaps having a list isn't too crazy, but don't expect your partner to take you too seriously if it contains a walk-in wardrobe with 12 different shelving compartments and a rotating shoe rack.

Trust me, it just isn't worth the argument, and it's probably best to start small and build up to the good stuff.

1. Scented Candles

Walking through the front door and being instantly hit by seasonal scents is what home is all about. It's a quick and budget friendly way of adding a beautiful smell to your home and it makes an empty table or shelf look welcoming. 
[Zara Home offers long-lasting candles that won't freak out your bank balance]

2. Frame Your Memories

Don't keep old photos hidden in boxes and stored away until your next move. Framing old memories instantly makes a house a home, and there's no better way than getting down and dirty and creating your own. You can pick up old frames from charity shops or car boot sales and spray paint from most DIY stores.
[Ebay always have some fantastic offers up for spray paint]

3. House Plants

If your house plants die quicker then you change your knickers, then perhaps they aren't for you. Every home does need some sort of greenery, so if you're opting for the fake or the real make sure you've got time for it.
[Ikea is always a good idea and it isn't just for the meatballs]

4. Throws

Apparently the worst gift to give to somebody is a throw. This is far from the truth because a throw can completely alter the look of a room and softness of a sofa or bed. They're the perfect den making and the best comforters.
[TKmaxx currently have some to die for throws at the moment]

5.  Mirrors

A mirror can completely open up a room and if it's good enough it'll even give you a compliment. It is what can make or break a home, literally. Find a piece that adds a piece of sophistication to your home.
[Next are on top form at the moment with their mirrors, designs for every room and occasion]  

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