How to create the perfect bath (me time)

When it comes to relaxing it's all about having me time. I don't know about you but having one to two hours a week where I can have no distractions, pamper myself and soak in a good ol' bath is just magical.
I mean being able to do completely nothing is just heavenly.

Now don't get me wrong, a shower is good and all, but can we just picture that roll top bath tub overflowing with bubbles and petals, a glass of champagne awaiting you on the side, candles on every corner and your favourite book ready and waiting.

We can dream, right?

Some say that baths a thing of the past. I say they're completely wrong! Could you imagine a world where bathtubs just didn't exist?
I'm shuddering at the thought.

Just so we don't forget about these beautiful bathroom fixtures that are nestled in our homes, here are a few of my top tips on how to create and enjoy the perfect bath.

1. No bath in my opinion is complete with some bubbles or scented oils. Whichever takes your mood make sure you match the aromas to how you're feeling.
Now I know there are a few out there who would disagree but sinking into a bathtub filled with bubbles makes me feel like I'm on cloud nine. 

2. Take a step back and make sure you have hot water in the boiler. I can't tell you the amount of times I've returned home after a really stressful day, put the hot water tap on in the bath and only to return to a freezing cold water because I forgot the hot water doesn't kick on until 7pm.
On the other hand if your boyfriend is willing to do anything for you, then I'm sure he won't mind boiling a few pots and kettles to get the hot water flowing again.

3. Add a floral touch to your bath, whether you're adding petals to your bathtub or setting them on the side for a cute little arrangement, make sure they're your favourite. Having things around you that make you happy is one key way of hitting full relaxation mode. So go the full hog and pick yourself up a beautiful bouquet from your local florist.

4. Fill your tub to the top and make sure it's hot. Do you remember the days when your mum would shove you in the bath with your sibling?
I do, I still remember when my younger brother decided to add something extra to our bath time. Things like that will remain etched into my brain forever.
I've now somehow gotten over the awful experience and find myself resisting the move from the warm filled tub.
Warm baths were you can see the walls covered in a small film of steam helps your entire body relax and will put you in the best mood.

5. Light up a handful of candles and pretend like you're at a spa. I don't know what it is about candles, but as soon I turn out the lights, and gaze into the small fires peeping from the array of scented candles scattered around the bathtub, they instantly help me release any stress I was storing. It's like they have magical powers or something.

6. Find the latest book you're reading or your favourite novel which is stored somewhere you've not looked in ages and submerge yourself into the world of literature. Even if you're not the biggest fan of reading find an audiobook and let loose.
Whether fiction or not it's all about enjoying those few minutes that you finally have to yourself.

7. Bring a glass of wine, juice or even a herbal tea to set yourself up for a few extra minutes in the tub. With a glass and book in hand would anyone really try and interrupt your five minutes peace?

8. Don't forget to relax.

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