One pair of boots to get you through autumn

The leaves have officially started falling from the trees.

Autumn has arrived baby!

I'm currently lying on the sofa with the duvet pulled extremely close to my neck thinking about when it is suitable to crack open the prosecco. It is Friday after all.
But more importantly I'm thinking about when I will be able to slide my feet back into the boots of this season.

Slither Boots By Carvela Kurt Geiger

Kurt Geiger has become an absolute babe to me over the past few months. My shoe collection is forever growing and don't even get me started on the handbags. 

I've haven't had much of a chance to dance around in these boots because the Manchester weather isn't kind to any shoe with a bit of fabric on it.
I swear these boots look at me with a sad face, and deep down it is killing me that I can't jump into them and sod the rubbish weather.

Picture this - slither boots, denim jeans, polo neck jumper and a mac. Obviously I'll be clutching some sort of coffee from Starbucks to hit that ultimate blogger cliché. 

Can it stop raining already so I can wear this outfit.

Please, please, please.


Joe Lockheart said...

Yes girl! These boots are amazing!

Tammylonglegs said...

Great boots! Top outfit 🤗