Taming curly hair like a pro

Have you seen my hair?

My fro as been a huge part of me, literally
It is the part of me that most people notice and most people talk about, but taking care of my demon shaped curls can be an absolute nightmare.
As a girl from mixed heritage it can be really difficult finding products to suit my type of hair and when I eventually find something I feel like taking out a mortgage just to keep up with the ever increasing prices.

It has taken me years to appreciate my hair, 25 of them to be exact.
So I thought I'd share my curly haircare essentials, because we all know curly hair and mornings never really get along.

1. Ditch the brushes and stick to wide teeth combs.

Using brushes will always damage curls and can lead to your hair being more frizz ball than lush curly locks.

2. Opt for air drying rather than using a hair dryer.

We all now that sometimes it can't be helped but try and wash your hair in the evening and leave it to dry naturally. This way your curls will be more natural and a lot healthier.

3. Coconut oil is a lifesaver.

I've heard some hilarious stories regarding coconut oil, like the girl who poured boiling hot coconut oil onto her hair.
Don't Do That.
It can be used for practically anything and is an old family favourite. Whether you want to deep-condition your hair or even attempt to get rid of dandruff, coconut oil has you covered.
Just remember to not leave it in longer than 30 minutes, otherwise it'll look more greasy than helpful.

4. Trim your hair every 2 months.

My hair grows so quickly and I guess that's why I find it all over the house, but curly hair should be trimmed every two months. Our hair gets damaged so easily so it's vital you get a healthy trim to spruce it up.

5. Don't go crazy on the styling products.

Have you actually seen what is in some products? No wonder my hair use to feel dry and lifeless.
If taking care of your hair is a priority then always read what is going into your styling products, and then opt for something that is a lot kinder to your curls.
Devacurl has become my go-to brand and I haven't looked back.

6. Try the conditioner trick.

If you haven't heard this then you're missing out. We all know that shampoo can sometimes dry out curly hair, so ditch the shampoo and stick with just the conditioner, but just remember to stay away from products with silicone.
Click here to find out more about the conditioner trick.

7. Become brand loyal.

Honestly sticking to one brand for all your hair care needs can be simply what your hair needs, because we all know that products from one brand work best when they're used together.

8. Wash your hair once - twice weekly.

Washing your hair often may seem like a great thing to do, but ultimately your just damaging your hair in the long run and loosening the curls you've taken years to develop.

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