Culottes and roll neck jumpers

Trying to find clothes that shape my body well and continuously keep me warm during autumn and winter is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.
Practically every jumper I come across makes me look and feel like frumpy Sue, it's an on-going battle I have every autumn.
But it is as if by magic, this autumn has been completely different.
I've always been a huge fan of Very and I've now a reason to love them even more. Their roll neck jumpers have changed the way I view clothes.
Yes girls, you can find jumpers that aren't bulky, that are comfortable and that actually make you feel amazing.

High five for being amazing Very.

But moving onto the winner of my autumn wardrobe are these beauties. Now don't get me wrong I'm probably the first person to say the a pair of jeans are the way to win over the cold weather, but then I had never experienced cotton culottes.
Honestly the most comfortable piece of material that has ever graced my legs.
The first time I slid these on I felt like I was engulfed in some sort of overindulgent cloud - the softness is unreal. It's just like I've wrapped a blanket around my legs and decided to leave the house, nothing can compare to the softness of these culottes.

So if there is one thing that you decide to buy before 2016 is out, then make sure it is these.

Outfit details at the bottom of the page.

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