The new go-to foundation

Over the years I've had an up and down relationship with Revlon, especially with their foundation.
I've decided to give them another try and this time it's with their Airbrush Effect, and I can't praise it enough. I've finally found a foundation that works well with my skin tone and doesn't leave my skin feeling dry as hell.
I find it really difficult to match foundation to my skin tone and I feel like many brands don't really cater well for people with dark skin.
It can't just be me can it? Foundation brands across the globe very much focus on lighter skin tones, and that is very much evident in the poor examples of darker foundation shades that rarely match anyones colour.

So after a few trial and errors, and a lot of money wasted, I've stumbled across the perfect foundation for guys and girls with darker skin.
Now don't get me wrong, I'm not the darkest person in the world and I wouldn't recommend this particular brand for anyone 35 plus (it's a little sparkly), but it blends well, hides the lines and definitely makes me feel extra fine.

Did you see what I did there? That's right, I threw in a rhyme.

The Airbrush effect is great when it's combined with a good face cream, a decent primer and a foundation brush with great bristles.
I've been using Palmer's cocoa butter formula to soften up my skin before I cake it in about 5 layers of makeup. Next up is a few sprits from Smashbox's primer water - this is like heaven in a bottle and it should be on everyones makeup stand, if not lodged in your handbag somewhere.
Finally it's about applying the foundation with a good set of brushes, and Real Techniques have been another saviour of mine recently.
The starter set comes with a great foundation brush that really brings out the full effect of this foundation.

This particular foundation doesn't dry out your skin, but that's only when you follow the simple steps above. 
When it comes to using foundation you should never have to re-apply your base, ever!
If you want this to last throughout the day make sure you use a decent primer and you pop a little powder over the top of the foundation to give you that long lasting flawless look.

So now you're photo ready. 

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