Finding an entire wedding outfit for under £30

As soon as payday hits I instantly want to buy something, maybe it's that Burberry scarf that I've been eyeing up for the past 10 years or a new spatula for the kitchen. Whatever it is, I always feel I have to buy something.
More than anything, I love being able to buy new clothes, shoes, tops, dresses, socks........ the list goes on and on.

When it comes down to the wedding season I can't wait to buy a new outfit, normally it's always a dress that I will only wear once and it'll sit the rest of its life in my wardrobe.
It always seems to be a dress that I've spent far too much money on and it only gets that recognition once.
I feel sorry for the rejected dresses now hogging up space.

Now in the awkward stage of my life where friends are buying houses, getting married or popping out little ones, I feel like I should jump onboard of their trains and start the serious saving. As much as I want to save, I also want a new outfit, so my budget was £50 but if I could get it any lower I was winning at life.
I won at life.
  • Dress - £5.68 (New Look on Amazon Warehouse)
  • Heels - £15.99 (Dolics in T.K. Maxx)
  • Clutch - £6.80 (Dorothy Perkins)
  • Earrings - £1.50 (Asda)
My total came to - £29.97

Every single item was on sale, the dress was less than half price, the earrings had 50% off, the clutch was discounted further was an online code and TK Maxx just have some of the best shoe prices. It took a lot of hunting, 1000's of WhatsApp messages sent to friends but I finally got there.
I had an entire outfit already planned out on Asos before I bought any of this, but I wanted to see if I could make that stressful wedding guest shopping experience a lot more stressful but also cheaper. It worked, I saved myself £20 (which went toward getting myself drunker than initially planned) and I felt amazing.

Maybe I was lucky, maybe I'm just a good bargain hunter, but whatever it is you too can find an entire outfit under £30.
Don't be afraid to search the most unusual places because that's sometimes where you find the best things.

I've pieced together similar outfits below as my entire outfit is now completely sold out.

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