Khaki jumpsuits and old skool vans

I told you that my wardrobe mainly consists of Khaki.

The Christmas season is upon us, finally! The endless mince pies and countless glasses of prosecco (champagne and orange juice in my case) are about to be consumed.
If you've not started already, you do realise it's December, right? Only 20 days left until Christmas, which means eating and drinking everything in sight without feeling too guilty.

The snowman doughnut and hot chocolate went down a treat this morning.

Anyway, over the past few weeks I've been toying with what type of outfit I should buy for the upcoming Christmas events, and every year I always end up buying two or three outfits that I only end up wearing once. 
They then sit forever alone, at the back of my wardrobe waiting to be picked up again.
Sadly, as many of you know that's not the case, and most of these outfit will just sit in the wardrobe for a good three to five years more, until you eventually manage to pass them on or throw them out.
This year it's going to be different. I've told myself that and I'm going to stick to it (that's what I've told Jack anyway).

So introducing the one outfit that is going to get me through this glamorous season - The Khaki Jumpsuit
This is now sitting in my wardrobe ready and waiting for every Christmas event this year. Yes, if I am going to any party, event or whatever with you this month, then you will see me in this.
This has to be the most versatile jumpsuit I have ever bought.

The jumpsuit is zipped up from the side and has a loose belt which can be styled in any fashion. I like  the belt to be styled loosely because it honestly shouldn't be the main focus on the outfit  - it's all about the v-neckline to shape those boobies.
The back of the jumpsuit is open with side slits just under the arms, so it's a no bra outfit but this is where the boob trick comes in handy girls. (Kim K you've saved me on this one).

I can't wait to pair this with some nude heels and an oversized clutch.

Outfit details at the bottom of the page.

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