Riu Tikida Palace - Morocco, Agadir

Riu Tikida Palace welcomes you to paradise.
Last week I was lucky enough to spend a week in Morocco, Agadir through Thomson. 
It's on the north coast of Africa and it is surprisingly a beautiful and underrated country. 
Spending part of Christmas abroad is very strange, the sun is beaming and the cocktails are flowing, and in the background there is always a constant loop of Christmas songs.
Somehow I don't think anything will ever beat a snowy Christmas, but if you haven't tried it in the sunshine make sure you put it on your to-do-list.
With cocktails constantly flowing and the sun bursting its way through the clouds, it is a country I'd happily visit again and Riu Tikida Palace may even be graced with a second visit.

Staying in a hotel that is rated five stars instantly puts a lot of expectations your way and it did not disappoint.
Tikida Palace is nestled along the coast of Agadir, the perfect location for catching the waves or hitting the rays (my tan is still strong).
The food is on-point with an additional choice of two restaurants on sight - Moroccan or Krystal, and there are amble glasses of alcohol to go around. 
I think my intake of baileys will last me a lifetime.
During the Christmas season the hotel is surrounded with flashing lights, neatly wrapped gift boxes and striking Christmas trees.
It put my effort at home to shame.

Forget the sunshine, lets talk about the food.
Breakfast in bed, I felt like the queen. I'm now struggling to get back to normality with a standard bowl of cereal, because having somehow prepare your breakfast and then deliver it all to your room is what Heaven must be like.
It didn't even stop there, the champagne breakfasts were an indulgent way to start the day if I didn't fancy a chilled out morning in bed.
Honestly why am I back in England?
Then it went a little further, not only was there lunch, but there were snacks and then later there was dinner, topped off with a 24hr bar. It was like Tikida Palace could read my mind, endless food and endless booze.
No seriously why did I ever leave?
Now I know we're all not buffet girls and guys but with two restaurants in the hotel it meant that food was not going to be a problem.

Every night I over indulged and ever night I'd put myself into a food coma.
Look, if you're going to book an all-inclusive then eat and drink until your hearts content.
I know I did because I can't wait to get myself back to the gym.
You know what comes after a food coma...
A nap! or in my case that last slither of chocolate cake.
Waking up and going to sleep in Tikida Palace just made me full further in love with the hotel.
The rooms were comfortable and spacious, stocked with an near to endless supply of bottled water and fizzy drinks it was a welcoming treat.
A walk-through bathroom, separate toilet, enough shelving for me to move in and a sunken lounge area with balcony, it's no wonder I'm eager to book my next holiday.

Agadir offers so much more than just hotels, it's an experience you'll want to embark on yourself.
It is so different to the UK, the culture is something that is quite difficult to encapsulate but it leaves an impression on you.
From the service all the way to the weather, it didn't disappoint.
Now I can't wait to book my next adventure.

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