The best of ASOS swimsuits

It's the middle of December and I'm in a bikini, that never happens!
The sun is out in Morocco and I don't want to go home (I've never been this tanned in all my life).
Anyway, before I stopped off to a week of luxury I spent countless hours searching Asos for suitable swimsuit. I never knew there were so many, big ones, small ones, tall ones and short ones, it took me forever but I made it.
Just remember you will get there in the end and it'll be worth every penny.

So my Asos haul wasn't half bad, three bikini's and one swimsuit and they were ready to join the rest of my ever growing swimsuit collection.
I'm am no swimsuit model, I've chunky thighs and a wobbly tummy but every holiday deserves to be treated within new swimwear.

Each bikini fits in a completely different way but they are extremely comfortable and some more flattering than others, but I'm here to catch a tan, not to find a man.

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