Sensio Spa The Review

At home facials, are they the devil is disguise or heavenly Goddesses?
I'm probably going to go for the latter.
I recently was sent a beautiful package from SensioSpa, and heavenly it was. SensioSpa are a unique company that offer you experience of doing your own facials at home.
Now I'm all for getting a facial, in fact they should be experienced at least three times a year minimum (in my book anyway), but along with every other beauty treatment it can start to get a little pricey.
So experiencing salon quality facials at home is the best next step.

The Sensio Spa Complete Hydrotherapy Facial Steamer, it's a mouthful, but it's a mouthful you'll probably want to put in your shopping basket.
The facial steam is part of a five step facial cleansing process, it's an enormous facial kit, but it does look pretty grand on my dressing table.
The Sensio Spa Hydrotherapy kit comes with a facial cleanser with two attachments, one cleanser and one exfoliator. There is a hot and cold bar and of course the steamer itself.

Okay so you need a good 40 minutes to yourself to really appreciate a decent a facial, so if you're feeling a pamper session, make sure you leave yourself plenty of time.

First off I recommend grabbing your favourite facial products, I use Nip+Fab Glycolic Cleansing Fix (but obviously use whatever you've got handy) and I finish off with a night cream by InstaNatural. 
The facial exfoliator works perfectly with a cleansing serum, I found that it really digs into all of those awkward crevasses and although it does leave your face a little red after use, the smoother attachment is perfect for reducing the redness.
It's then followed up by using the hot and cool bar, with the setting on hot. It is suggested that the hot bar opens up all of your doors and sets you into full relaxation mode.
It's a real shame that you can't choose a particular heat setting on the bar, but the lukewarm setting really does make your skin feel alive. It's easy to use and I felt like a bit of a glamour model dabbing my face this hot bar (I swear they only do that in movies). 
Now going into full facial mode the steamer comes into action, it has an adjustable nozzle which is perfect for all you shorties and tall ones, and even has water overfill section, pretty eco-friendly in my opinion.
In all honesty I'm not entirely sure how long you should shove you face into a steamer for, but I found around five minutes did the trick. There is no setting to the steamer which is another small downfall, but again the heat isn't overwhelming.
The steam is then followed up with another use of the hot and cold bar, but this time on the cold setting. It's a huge sense of relief on the skin, it's like you've just plunged your face into a fresh bowl of cool water after an intense sauna session.
There is nothing that quite compares to being able to have a facial in the comfort of your own home. I think the freedom of being able to sitting in my pyjamas and shove Ben and Jerry's ice cream down my throat at the same time does the trick.
The facial is then finished off with a soothing cream.

It's an interesting facial kit and perhaps one you'd more commonly see in salons, but to be able to have saloon quality facials at home has completely won me over. It's recommended that you use the kit two - three time a week, but to be honest who even has time to have three facials a week. I've found that once a week does the job. It's reduces the redness around on the face and has definitely started to reduce those horrendous black bags under my eyes.
It's become my go to kit when I've got a hangover and the perfect way to unwind after a hectic week.
Sunday pamper days haven't been the same.
But before you get all excited and start splashing your cash, the Sensio Spa complete hydrotherapy facial steamer will set you back around £80 (it is only sale at the moment, so grab it whilst you can), but it is worth every penny. It completely takes away those awful bad skin days and revitalises your skin, now to only get Jack to experience his first facial. The mission is on.

*Sensio Spa kindly sent me this product to test and review, all opinions are my own.

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