Dior Lip Glow and Lip Maximizer

With a new year comes plumper and glossier lips and over the years my obsession with plumper lips has grown.
Now that we have reached 2017 it hasn't stopped and I have finally managed to get my hands on the Dior Lip Glow and Lip Maximizer, which means that my obsession can finally be tamed (well for a little while anyway).
Granted spending near to £50 on a lip balm and gloss is a little ridiculous but it outshines everything I've ever bought before.

The Dior Lip Glow Colour Reviver Balm enhances the natural pigmentation of your lips whilst moisturising and protecting them.
It is so hard to find a lip balm that doesn't overly dry out my lips.
I always find myself reapplying lip balm at least 4 - 5 times a day and for once Dior have stepped up the game. 
I've been reapplying the Dior balm twice a day so far and I'm pretty impressed. It adds a subtle colour to your lips without going over the top and has a hint of vanilla.
If you're looking for a lip balm that doesn't have an overpowering smell, adds a slight tone to your lips and protects them at the same time, then Dior have you covered.
It's an everyday balm that leaves your lips in paradise.

The Dior Lip Maximizer is in a way very similar to a clear lipgloss, but with the promise of  a plumping effect.
Most glosses can be very thick and leave your lips feeling sticky, but the Dior maximizer has a much more positive effect.
The gloss can be used on its on, underneath a bold lipstick or paired with the Dior balm to create a plumping effect.
Dior promises more defined and fuller lips after two weeks of consistent use and so far after only a week of use I can see some improvements.
If you're looking for a gloss that glides onto your lips easily then Dior have you covered, it adds a small difference to your lips without giving it that awkward 90's "I've got shiny lips" look.

 Natural lips.
 Dior Lip Glow Colour Reviver Balm.
Dior Lip Maximizer.

The Dior duo set adds a subtle yet quite a statement look to my lips but I'm undecided whether it will be a repurchase.
For now Dior are sitting pretty high on my dressing table and will do until something better and more affordable comes along.
What are your favourite lip balms and glosses? 

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