January blues calls for a new outfit

Taking over winter with style and grace, it's on my To Do List for this year.
I'm still hoping for the sun to reappear, so the skirt and boots combo is making a solid appearance this month.
After at least two months of overeating, drinking to oblivion and slouching on the couch covered in blankets and leftover pizza, it's good to be out of sweatpants and oversized t-shirts.
This January I've teamed my forever favourite Missguided knee high boots and Topshop leather jacket together again - everyone wardrobe should hold both of these.
I've gone for a smart casual look that is perfect for a catch up with the girls or a chilled dinner with family.
The accessories are key to this outfit, but minimal is best, don't overdo the jewellery and let your bag speak for itself.

I've also paired the rest of the outfit with a denim skirt, red floaty blouse, a black belt (not in the karate type, although that would be pretty cool) and a snake print crossbody bag.
I picked up the red blouse from River Island and I've not looked back. It has to be my best buy of this year so far, so the rest of the 11 months have a lot to live up to.
I mean summer is just around the corner, so why not get ready for it now?
I can't wait to be able to leave the house without a jacket, I miss that freedom.
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