Life is an adventure, don't take it for granted.

By now you've probably been around the sayings of "don't waste the time you've got" and "enjoy every minute of every day", the very typical cliche quotes of making the best out of every situation, but to be honest over the past few months it has got me thinking.
We live in a world where everyday evolves around picking up a phone, scrolling through a feed, staring at a screen, having minimal interactions with physical people, staring at more screens and then finally falling asleep in front of another screen.
It's no wonder why we're all trying to find ways to escape this very technology dependent life we have all become accustom to.
Sometimes I get so worked up in my daily life that I forget there is so much more than just a 9-5 working life, drinking Saturdays and cozy Sundays.
There is a world outside of my four walls and my iPhone, so there is most definitely one outside of yours too.

Time is something that escapes far too quickly, you just need to take a step back and appreciate everything that you have around you, because before you know it you're 50 years old and wondering where on earth the time has gone.
Every life has its own journey and it's about making it has interesting as possible because when that last moment arrives I'm pretty sure you want to look back and say, "Damn, I did good!"

  1. Take more mini-adventures. You don't need bundles of cash stashed away to create an adventure, even exploring your local surroundings adventurous enough for some. But I mean if you've got to go abroad then flights are so cheap now that you can find yourself in Prague for the weekend for only £60. Checkout skyscanner for your next adventure.
  2. Be the first to make the effort to meet up with friends more often. I think this is a downfall a lot of us can relate to. We're so much more comfortable nestled up on the sofa with a blanket, binge watching a series on Netflix than catching up with the people we love. Make more of an effort, it'll be worth it to create those lasting memories.
  3. Explore your kitchen that little bit more and sit down to dinner. Not all of us are going to be the next Gordan Ramsay, but why not share your skills or lack of, with friends and family. It's such a good way to enjoy food together, laugh together, cry together and have the occasional food fights together.
  4. Get up an hour earlier than normal during the week and start to enjoy your mornings. This is a hard one, I love my bed but since I've been getting up earlier I've found that I actually have time to do everything. It's also pretty quiet in the mornings compared to the rest of the day, so the silence is something that shouldn't be taken for granted.
  5. Walk somewhere instead of taking the car. I guess this could be part of taking more mini-adventures, but our life flashes by so fast that we never get to see all the smaller things around us. It's so refreshing going on a walk and being able to see everything that is right outside your front door.
  6. Stop focusing on your negatives and the negativity of others. We sometimes all get caught in this cycle, comparing ourselves to others and then not feeling too great about ourselves. Who cares, really? You are who are you, bloody fantastic, and it's about time your start appreciating yourself a little bit more.
All of these small changes can show you that there is so much more to our mundane technology obsessed lives. Just be the first to take that step and enjoy your life rather than watch it rush by.

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