Preppy shirts and denim jeans

My new thing at the moment is bribing Jack with coffee and Cadbury creme eggs, just so he will take photos of me outside in the rain and cold.
So far it's working, no one can resist a creme egg. 
Or maybe it's the fact he can't resist taking weekly photos of me.

Okay, so as you may have noticed I'm completely in love with coats at the moment, it's that feeling of dragging a comfortable duvet with you wherever you go. It's also highly acceptable because it's a coat - duvets, not so much.
I've previously posted about this coat, and if you missed it, it's from Next, and it's probably one of the best coats in my wardrobe.
It has kept me warm through the Yorkshire winds, and the Manchester rain, it has even graced Essex a few times, but we all know it's a little warmer down there.
Anyway, we aren't here for the coat, we're here for the beauty of this blue and white striped shirt.

Believe it or not, it's from Primark - I couldn't believe it.
I'm not the biggest fan of Primark, it's overcrowded, every man and his dog always decide to fill out the changing rooms, there is never anything in your size and you always end up buying stuff that you don't need.
I'm torn as to whether it's a saviour or the devil, maybe it's a bit of both. But this shirt is definitely on the saviour side - it's well fitting, can be worn for a smart or casual occasion and is only a tenner.
You can't go wrong with spending £10 on a shirt and what's even better is the shirt can be styled in so many ways.
I've been working it with denim jeans at the moment, but grab yourself some skirts and trousers and work this baby.

I've tried to piece similar items of this outfit below, but most of the items are sold out online. Check the details at the bottom.

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