Taking a more relaxed approach with fishnet tights and denim jeans

Outfit details linked at the bottom of the page.
I've got a thing for fishnets at the moment, socks, tights, dresses, tops, you name it, and they have somehow found themselves nestled in my wardrobe with every other fading trend. This month it's all about pretending it's summer, and shivering in the blistering winds for the sake of a photo.
It was cold, I'm not going to lie, I was absolutely freezing, so I'm surprised my cold hasn't made a reappearance.
I even bribed Jack with Costa coffee just so he wouldn't whinge about taking photos, especially because it started snowing.
Yes I know, girlfriend of year (not).
Aside from being freezing I decided to pair my favourite pair of ripped denim jeans with some fishnet tights. Somewhere in my crazy head I felt as if the tights with the huge gaping holes were keeping me warm. They weren't, there is nothing warm about them.

The rest of the outfit is paired with a strappy cami top - it makes me boobs look huge, so it has now been added to my daily wear for when I'm feeling a little low in self-confidence, my favourite old skool vans and my lifesaver Carvela handbag. It's the little things that count and this outfit is perfect for one of those days when you don't fancy dressing up. Keep it casual and clean girls, the fishnets are here to stay.
This outfit is inspiring for summer, how long do we have to wait? I know it's awful to wish days away but I'm really missing the sun at the moment. Waking up to dark skies and then finishing work when the skies are even darker is not my idea of fun.
Lets hope the sun puts his hat on sun, cause I'm ready for some summer fun.

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