The Top 5 Loyalty Cards To Keep In Your Purse

Over the years there has been a huge decline in loyalty cards, especially ones where collecting points actually mean anything. 
The majority of brands offer some sort of loyalty, especially if you're a regular shopper or someone who does the occasional big shop.
But there isn't a need to stuff your purse full of loyalty cards because not all loyalty cards offer value for money. Whats even better is that most loyalty cards can be saved on an app, so even more room for all of that extra cash.

Beauty shoppers
Boots offer a brilliant loyalty scheme, the Boots advantage card - every £1 spent equals to 4 points that can be used in boots, both on and offline. If you're the type of person who enjoys saving up points, then those weekly boots visit could result in you being able to afford something a little more luxurious. As an advantage card member you also receive discounts and coupons on a regular basis, so don't go point spending crazy until you receive your latest coupons. You are also entitled to a free health & beauty magazine which circulates six times a year, for non-members the magazine retails at £1.

Supermarket shoppers and petrol hoggers 
I love doing a weekly shop and seeing the loyalty points build up, it's like some sense of achievement. Yes I've been able to feed myself this week and earn points at the same time, who on earth said being an adult was difficult? Supermarkets like Tesco and Sainsbury's offer 1 point for every £1 spent in-store or online.
There is also the added benefit of collecting points when buying fuel. Tesco offer 1 point per £2 spent, whereas Sainsbury offers 1 point per litre purchased.
If you want to go the full hog and spend every penny with Tesco then you can also collect points using their clothing brand F&F, through buying cases of wine and by taking out a Tesco mobile contract. Tesco offer a wide range of opportunities to collect points and I'll let you into a little secret, I never spend my points at Tesco. Tesco loyalty points are best spent through the Clubcard Boost scheme where you are able to double, even quadruple your points.
When you've collected at least £2.50 in points they can be exchanged for a £10 restaurant voucher. It's so easy to do and a great way to make the most out of loyalty points.

Coffee lovers
As self confessed coffee lover I've racked up quite a few loyalty cards and I've found that Costa coffee offer the best point system. Every £1 spent in-store equates to five loyalty points, perfect for when you need that coffee fix but you're low on funds.

Furniture goddess
Ikea are one of my favourite furniture stores, not because of the quality but because I can spend an entire day in the store pretending to be a queen in the kitchen and having mini-sleepovers in the colourful bedrooms (it definitely scares a few people when they realise there is a person underneath the bedsheets).
Ikea offer the Ikea Family card scheme which offers monthly in-store deals, special prices on the Ikea range for members only, free tea or coffee on weekdays, exciting offers in the Ikea restaurant and Swedish food market, as well as an extra 10% off on all sale prices. Sometimes it pays to be a member of Ikea family.
There is also the extra incentive of surprise prizes every time you swipe and use your Ikea card.

Loyalty cards don't need to take over your purses, but they do need to be apart of your shopping experiences. It always helps to shop around to find the best deals but these five loyalty cards will give you the best deals for everyday shopping.

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I've found that Costa have a really good rewards system. Cool post, love the blog.