Who does it better, Rimmel or New Look?

Powders are my downfall, I'll powder this, that, everything. Lately however it's been battle trying to find a really good pressed powder that actually compliment my face - I mean come on, how difficult can it be?
If I could live in a world where only powders exist then I'd be a happy bunny, but ultimately I'd have the driest face on earth, and every single spot would somehow emerge out of nowhere and destroy my life.
I'm not even being overdramatic.
I recently made a visit to New Look and found myself stuffing my basket full of their latest beauty products, their lipsticks are to die for and I'm surprised I managed to stop myself buying the entire shelf. Note to self, make a return visit to purchase the rest of the shelf.
After awkwardly trying to hide my new purchases from Jack, I realised that my accumulation of powders was a little ridiculous, but can a girl have to much makeup?
So it got me thinking, can New Look provide better makeup than, lets say Rimmel?
To put in bluntly in someways it can and if you're on a budget then it definitely can.

The New Look cosmetic range is not only affordable, it's on point with the majority of other brands out there. It looks the same, smells the same, feels the same, but the biggest difference is the price.
You can stumble across most of the range for under £10 per item, and the pressed powder is less than a fiver so there isn't a need to break out the piggy bank just yet.
Comparing a Matte pressed powder to a complexion powder is going to show some differences, but it truly comes down to how heavy a powder feels on your face and against your skin.
The Rimmel complexion powder is light and glides onto the skin effortless, whereas the New Look matte powder is a little heavier and takes a little while to work with your complexion, unless you use a primer to fix up that small issue.
The format of the matte powder is a little awkward to hold, it's also a little on the heavy side compared to the complexion powder, but the huge bonus is that you get a little powder sponge inside the box, so it's perfect if you can't be bothered to drag your brushes on a mini-outing.

Both powders have their uses, and whilst neither are expensive there is something a little more satisfying about Rimmel.
Neither powders have 24hr durability, but Rimmel does claim do have at least 5 and during those hours it nails the powder routine on the head.
The matte finish from New Look gives a bold approach to powders, but a little goes a very long way. The powder is quite heavy and too much will leave you on the bolder side of orange rather than a subtle golden colour.
If you're looking for a powder under £5 then both Rimmel and New Look have you covered. So whether you're looking for a matte finish or to freshen up your complexion each powder will provide you with that flawless look. 

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