Five things to buy yourself this valentines day that are less than £5

Valentines Day is just around the corner, but fear not I've got you covered.
I'm all for celebrating a day that signifies love, even if that's showing a little extra love to yourself, your friends or even that cute guy that you frequently find snoring next to you in bed - I'm talking to you.
But shouldn't you show your love every single day? Yes, but that's a lot of effort, so February 14th, come at me.
This year I'm planning to go out for dinner, I don't think we've done that yet. I mean throughout our entire six year relationship we've not yet gone out for dinner on Valentines Day - you can't really beat an M&S Valentines special though.
So whilst I'm out, enjoying a dinner I didn't cook for myself, you can relax at home and treat yourself to the perfect self-love Valentines day. Just remember, Valentines Day can get very over commercialised, but not everything needs to break the piggy bank.

  1. Treat yourself to a bunch of flowers and donate to charity at the same time. Look I know you really want to confess your undying love to the man of your dreams, but sit down girl. Grab yourself some daffodils from Aldi, they're only £4.99 at the moment, and 50 pence is donated to Teenage Cancer Trust. Oh, and you also get 100 daffodils, which I'm sure is probably more than a bunch, so it's a win, win situation.
  2. A personalised mug to show yourself that you're amazing. If you haven't heard of Snapfish you should instantly sign up because they're offering free personalised mugs, all you pay for is the postage fee. So at £2.99 you'd be silly not to plaster your face on a cute little mug.
  3. Chocolate is the way to my heart, but a bottle of wine comes pretty close. If you're wanting to drown the Valentines Day sorrows or celebrate in style, Asda are offering a bottle of prosecco for £5. Yes, you did read that correctly.
  4. If flowers aren't your thing, maybe a love plant will win you over. Sainsbury's are throwing out some heart warming shapes with their plants this February. Grab yourself a heart shaped plant for only £3.50, and make all the other plants jealous.
  5. If all else fails grab your bottle of prosecco, and submerge yourself in a warm bubble bath, courtesy of Lush. Every year Lush manage to beat all odds and provide us with even more love overdosing bath bombs, kick the other half out of the bathroom and grab yourself an hour or two.
Whether you're treating yourself to a Valentines Day special for one, catching up with the girls, or dinner dating with that guy who is still snoring next to you in bed, make it one to remember.

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