Lush Valentines Special

As you may have come to notice, I love adore baths.
If it was acceptable to work, eat, socialise and sleep in a hot soapy bath, then I would.
And what makes a bath even better is adding a little bit of a magical touch - that magical touch is normally in the form of a bath bomb (or bath oil if I'm feeling adventurous) from Lush.
This month hosts the ever so famous Valentine's Day, and you've probably already caught my last post where I told how to treat yourself on this very special occasion, right? If not, it's here.
I decided to explore the Lush Valentine's bath bombs and boy do they smell good. 

I picked up Cupid and Creamy Candy, and I guess the names given to these bombs and bubble bars are a sure way to spice up Valentine's Day.
But lets be honest, there is no way I am sharing a bath with anyone but myself.
Both the bubble bar and bath bomb are under £3, which is perfect if you're planning an evening at home with your glass of wine, or two.
The Cupid bomb adds a beautiful pink hue to your bath, whilst adding a slight frothy topping. If you're a regular at Lush you'll recognise the scent, as it smells very similar to Razzle Dazzle Bath Oil.
It moisturising to the skin and will leave you soft to touch after soaking in the tub for an hour or so.
It's the perfect bomb for awakening your senses and getting you ready for the night (sometimes day in my case) ahead.

Creamy Candy, the name is instantly catchy and you feel a little naughty popping it in your basket. But what the heck, it's the 21st Century. If I want to have a Creamy Candy bath then I damn well will. 
I love that this bubble bar targets the love crowd, but it's actually the perfect thing to use after a really stressful day. Forget about being loved up for a few seconds, and just merge yourself into your tub with this bad boy and you'll forget all of your worries for a handful of minutes.
It is most probably one of the most relaxing bubble bars at Lush, filled with almond and coca butter it's the ideal relaxant which perks you up, and leaves you feeling like you've just been on cloud nine.
It's the perfect sweet treat, none of the calories, just pure enjoyment.

So, what are your favourite bath bombs from Lush, have you tried out the Valentine's specials?

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