Red tops make boys weak at the knees

I must admit I'm really am not enjoying the winter this year. I'm normally all for wrapping up in jumpers and coats, drinking lots of hot chocolate and generally just embracing the colder season, but I'm kind of hating it this year. I'm not the only one, am I?
The countdown for the reappearance of the sun has begun - then I'll most probably moan about all the sleepless nights from the ridiculous heat.
Over the weekend I found out it still isn't acceptable to leave the house without a jacket on, it was cold, it rained and part of me wished I didn't even leave my bed. I even had to bribe Jack with coffee, so not only was I out of pocket, I was cold and wet - cheers weekend.

I've been meaning to talk about this babe of a top for a while. It has to be one of the best sale buys that I've bought in a while. Something that can be worn as part of a casual outfit, or the focal piece for a jaw dropping night out is more than okay in my book. H&M have been complete angels with their sale, I found this top for £5 and it is now probably the most worn item in my wardrobe.
If they keep throwing out sale prices like that, then I'll be able to keep up with this coffee buying for weeks to come.
I must admit having a few red tops in my wardrobe really does shake things up. It's such a bold and bright colour to wear, but a colour that compliments you in all the right ways. 
If you're spending anything this week, make sure you head over to H&M and check out their in-store sale, it'll be worth it, I promise.
What are your favourite tops at the moment?


Old Fashioned Susie said...

I love how red makes me feel when I wear it- a fave of mine!

karenanita said...

Ooo ive got one really similar. It's from the same H&M range but is a all the way up and it goes with everything!

Yasmin La Ronde said...

H&M are so good at the moment aren't they.