What it's really like dating a Yorkshireman

The North, you either love it, or you hate it - it's a bit like Marmite.
As a Southerner I've slowly started to call the North home, but lets be honest, once a Southerner, always a Southerner.
There is something quite beautiful about squeezing yourself on a packed tube with hundreds of other people during rush hour - I miss it.
Jack and I have been dating close to six years, and one thing is for certain, the North and South divide has never been more evident than in our relationship. So here are a few things that I've learnt whilst dating someone from the other side of the country.
  • Saveloys do not exist in the North, they're unheard of, so he doesn't quite understand my bi-monthly craving for them. In my opinion no fish and chip shop is complete without a tray full of saveloys (take the hint Northerners).
  • If you think rugby is big down south then you have been mislead. Rugby is practically Jack's religion, and as a football lover myself I've had to somehow split my love of football into rugby as well. I still don't understand all the rules, but I think I'm getting there.
  • Do not turn up to a Sunday lunch with Aunt Bessie's Yorkshire puddings. This is a must, Yorkshire puddings are something that isn't taken lightly in Yorkshire.
  • If you do finally cave in and have fish and chips, you will be served a cup of tea and a bottle of HP sauce on the side. It's an unusual combination, so I'll stick to my bottle of Heinz and a can of coke.
  • Have you heard the phrase 'Our Kid'? I'm still not a fan as it confuses the hell out of me, but it doesn't mean that they have it kid, it's just a reference to their younger sibling. Weird right?
  • The further North you venture, the more difficult it becomes to distinguish what on earth anyone is saying.
  • It's super friendly in the North, I mean like ridiculously friendly. I was once in an elevator and this women just struck up a conversation with me for the 4 floor journey. I was completely freaked out and am now wary of going in lifts.
  • The North and especially Jack, have this bizarre relationship with Peter Kay, I mean yes he is funny, but I really struggle to understand what he is saying half of the time. Maybe it's a Northern thing.
  • Never get into a conversation with anyone about a bread roll - a bloody bread roll. I've never known a piece of bread to have so many names; barm, cake, bun, muffin, cob, bap, the list is never ending. 
Surviving the North is no easy task for a Southerner, it's a completely different world - pack extra saveloys.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, what's a saveloy? Great post btw, so so funny!

Bec x | https://blvsh.com

Gracey Meg said...

This is so true! The Yorkshire pudding one for sure ­čśé Great post! Xx

Yasmin La Ronde said...

Thanks, and yeah the Yorkshire pudding was a game changer for our relationship. Haha x

Yasmin La Ronde said...

It's a type of sausage that's served in fish and chip shops, definitely a southern thing, haha. X