Getting ready with Lee Stafford

I dread the evenings where I've only got 10 minutes to get ready, it's impossible for me to achieve, and nothing is worse than leaving the house with a clear makeup ring around your face - the worst.
To then make matters worse, not having a decent mirror to apply layer after layer is what a call a cardinal sin.
Luckily Lee Stafford sent me over their dream light up magnifying mirror to help me out.
Can you say a mirror is a girls best friend? I'm pretty sure you can, well I've said it.
If have haven't heard of Lee Stafford then I'll catch you up, Lee Stafford is an award winning celebrity hairdresser. He has a huge line of hair products and most recently has made a huge push in the beauty electrical department.
Now obviously because he is from Essex I'm slightly biased to his work, but how can you not love a guy that produces products that are high quality and aren't tested on animals. 
So, back to the new best friend in my life.

Have you ever had the experience on sitting down for hours, applying your makeup perfectly in the mirror, to then walk into a much lighter room with another mirror and realise that you're as orange as that 14 year wearing fake tan?
No? Just me then.
The Lee Stafford 'Lighten Up' mirror has at least stopped me looking like a complete disaster when wearing makeup.
There are two sides to this beauty, a magnifying mirror and your basic - just enough to stare at your beautiful face all day long.
The icing on the cake is the lighting up the mirror - who's that beauty looking back at you?
I know it's just a mirror, but the right mirror can go a long way into helping you perfect that glamorous look you're always after.
It's also under £30 and has a years guarantee, what are you waiting for?


MissPond said...

What a lovely mirror! I love the lee Stafford shampoos and conditioners. So lovely for my hair :)

Jessica said...

A good mirror is hard to find, but this one looks good, and actually does the job! Perfect.