15 truths you should know about long-term relationships with men

Relationships are all fun and games, but long-term relationships are so different from a short-term fling.
  1. There is only one side of the bed - yours. Don't get confused about this, they will try and share an entire bed with you, but it yours. If you must share, give them a slither, no more.
  2. You will start dressing alike, and that's when things get freaky. You know the saying that dog owners look like their pets, well you and your partner will soon have outfits that look identical.
  3. Receiving breakfast in bed is a novelty, it'll wear off after the first year. It's a little like sex, it's fun at the start but then things get a little messy.
  4. You will no longer have arguments about important things. Every argument is evolved around where to go for dinner and what to watch on TV. Oh, and who will be cooking dinner.
  5. Your relationship will evolve into more than just a standard friendship, you'll be the best of friends before you know it.
  6. Rolled up socks are the devil, you will find them near the washing basket, in the washing machine and clogged up at the bottom of jeans.
  7. Your embarrassing habits will become less and less, so that time you accidentally farted won't matter a few years down the line.
  8. You will accidentally see each other pee, because locked door rarely mean anything anymore.
  9. Nights in will become second nature to you. A bottle of wine and a heavy binge watching session of the latest TV series will now become your go-to night.
  10. You'll quickly realise which one of you is better at remembering and planning schedules.
  11. The only person you will truly be weird around is your partner. That crazy side which was only present when you were alone, now has a new best friend.
  12. Big gestures are a minimum, but the regular small ones will make the biggest difference.
  13. You'll look back to the start of your relationship and laugh about all the awkward firsts you experienced together.
  14. One of you is the more serious person in the relationship, and it's not the one who runs around the supermarket making poor food jokes.
  15. Ultimately you'll realise that there is no other person you'd rather spend the rest of your life with (aww cute).


Anonymous said...

This list really made me laugh after a tough week - It definitely rings true for my chap and I we've been together 7 years and get married in Sept. I'm the diary manager in our house, he's a better cook then me but we share the cooking (he's much better at cleaning and ironing than me) - division of skills is definitely the way forward but we never wear the same colour clothes he loves green and I love purple :-) love Bec x

Rae Coppola said...

I don't think I've ever read anything more true or relatable! I've been with my partner for 3 and a half years and we have a good thing going because I write the shopping list and he does the shopping (apparently I dither too much). However, there's no better feeling than when he deviates from it and comes home with a bag full of sweets for us to share. <3