A dress without a jacket, are you crazy?

I keep rambling on about how Spring is finally here and we can actually eat ice cream outside without a thousand layers, but it's true. Thank goodness for warm seasons.
If you're still not entirely convinced that I'm a lover of warmer weather, then I'm sure my latest Spring vibe dress will win you over.
So for a brief 48hrs over the weekend we were graced with what I call golorious sunshine - que the shirtless boys and the short dress wearing girls - Hiya!
I love being able to leave the house without a jacket, it's a sense of freedom that you can't quite get anywhere else, maybe it's relief that I don't have to cover up an outfit that I spent 2 hours deciding whether or not to wear it.
Whatever it is, I'm so glad the sun is back.
Dresses have always been a small passion of mine, maybe not so much as a child, but I'm definitely making up for it now.
I love how a dress makes you feel, I feel like such a girly girl, running around in a dress that makes me feel super cute is the definition of summer to me.

Red dresses are my weakness at the moment, but I'll let you into a little secret, this dress was a bitch to get into.
I spent around an hour trying to understand how a wrap dress works and to this day I'm still a little dumfounded. 
If anyone has any tips or decent instructions as to how to put this dress on without breaking down after the 10th attempt, it would be very much appreciated.
Aside from the huge breakdown, and grabbing a few safety pins to keep the dress in place after an impromptu gust of wind decided to interrupt the photo session, I'd say it didn't turn out too badly.
Anyway, the dress is from Simplee Apparel which is on Amazon and for less than £20 I can't complain too much.


Joana Cardoso said...

Gorgeous dress! And glad you made the most of the sunshine over the last week :)


MissPond said...

I love this dress, the print is pretty and the red is perfect for the sunnier weather. It's cold this weekend, but I really hope the sun is back soon :)