Finding the beauty of being mixed race

So what are you? What's your mix?

I've heard it all before, the awkward stares, the drunken slurs, the whispers from others as you climb the stairs. It's a stigma many people are cast with, apparently we should all have tight curls, have a constant glowing tan and embrace more of our black heritage than our white, but I've never been one for sticking with stigmas.
There are all these categories for people, the typical ones that you hear about everyday; tall, short, black, white, curly, straight, gay, bi, the list goes on and on. But why do we have to categorise everything, not everything belongs in a category and I'm damn well certain that I don't belong in one either.
Growing up I never saw myself different to anyone else, well why should I? We're all essentially the same but somehow as you reach a certain age you realise that people don't want to be the same, and you're shoved back into a category; so, what are you?
It's a question I ask myself time and time again, who am I? What am I? Where do I belong?
I look at it like this, I'm a combination of two completely different cultures. I'm that girl that puts hot sauce on her roast dinner, eats fish and chips like they're going out of fashion, and is always down for a good cup of tea whilst easing back to some Earth, Wind and Fire.
I hate the cricket but will always shout out my support for the West Indies and nothing is better on a warm day than a ripe mango fresh from the market or cheeky oyster from the ice cream van. It's my awkward curls and two-tone skin, my passion for music and my love for books that makes me a cultural mismatch, but these make me who I am, so why categorise that?
Race is something that's hushed under the carpet, it isn't spoken about or mentioned, it's awkwardly laughed at when people are uncomfortable and it's something many continue to be ignorant to.
It has taken years for me to feel comfortable in my own skin, to understand that it's okay to be a little darker and to have wilder hair, and to instead embrace being apart of two amazing cultures and bringing it into my own.
I suppose all-in-all that's the beauty of being mixed race and I don't think I'd have it any other way. From the plights of racism that still make me shudder, but ultimately making me stronger, and to understanding the privilege of what it is like to have lighter skin.

I am me, flaws and all.


Alison Parker said...

Black, white, pink, yellow, green, all of the above...whatever you are, you are beautiful Yas ❤ Do what you enjoy, enjoy what you do. If those things are part of your 'cultural heritage', then so be it. Be proud and don't let stereotypes or the ignorance of others define you x

Old Fashioned Susie said...

Ah I completely agree with the comments already left. Just be you, make no apologies for it ❤️

Amy Lyons said...

this post is so amazing and refreshing to read! i love that you posted it and i love the last line! xx

Errol Buckeridge said...

That is beautiful Yasmin,well said x