Great Run Manchester 10KM

Who'd have thought that two years to the day of my knee operation that I'd be running a 10KM race around Manchester, it's crazy what a little bit of motivation can do to you.
Nothing is more rewarding than accomplishing something that you've taken, years, months, weeks and days to achieve.
Sometimes the early morning starts, missing weekends and late evenings are all worth it.
After spending two years attempting to regain some sort of strength in my knee after topaz surgery I ended up damaging my other knee whilst training for the Great Manchester 10K Run - it could only be me.
I suppose some may have seen it as a setback, but strangely enough I saw it as a small obstacle that I needed to overcome.
I'm saying this as I'm lying in agony on the couch, ice pack encasing my knee and dosed with enough co-codamal to keep someone high for the next few days.
The pain is only temporary, but the memories from this race will last a life time - I reached a personal best of 10KM in 57 minutes, laughed until my sides hurt, raised an incredible amount for a fantastic cause and finally did something I could be proud of.
Oh and I did it all with someone who I can call a great friend, both of us reaching our own goals and giving back to others along the way.
If you've ever achieved anything like this I'd love to hear about it.


MissPond said...

Congratulations on your time! I love the Manchester 10k (I've run it 3 times!)

Laura Frances said...

Such a wonderful achievement! So pleased that you managed to do a 10k run after a knee operation, I couldn't even do one without having one! Congratulations!

Laura x