Bumble x Junkyard Golf

Comfort zones; it's something we all cling onto, unnecessarily confining ourselves to what we know. 
I finally jumped out of mine, and I think I'll do it a little more often.
Last week I found myself at a Bumble event, sponsored by Junkyard Golf there was no reason for me to turn this down.
Who doesn't like meeting new people over a few drinks and some crazy golf?
I'd normally say me; I'm a bit of a hermit when it comes to meeting new people. I'd much rather cling to what I know than throw myself out into the unknown.
Maybe it's anxiety or just the general fear of being rejected - no one likes being a lone wolf.
Well whatever is was for once I decided to change it up, slap on some makeup, grab some clothes from the wardrobe and hit the town; well the Bumble event in my case.

So by now you're probably like, what on earth is Bumble? It's a dating/BFF app, yes I know, weird right. How can an app be designed to help you find dates and a new best friend?
It's pretty simple and probably the best new app on my phone right now.
As someone who doesn't have very many Northern friends, and ever so guiltily prefers to head back down South to catch up with old friends, the Bumble app has become a little bit of a saviour.
I mean who wants to sit in a bar alone, hoping to catch someone's attention and ask them to be your new BFF? Erm....not me, and I'm probably not alone on that one.
So in essence it's saved me a lot of awkward interactions.
Now I've never been one for dating apps, of course why would I need one. I've been in a relationship for the past six years and things couldn't be better, but this isn't about that type of relationship. It's all about finding those friends who you can call up for a quick drink, or to drag around the high street to help you find the perfect outfit.
A boyfriend is great for some of those instances, but every now and then you need another's opinion.
So as I've said, here I am, at an event that you'd never normally find me at, mingling with people I would never meet under normal circumstances and actually making friends - golf was such a good idea.
Bumble hold regular events like this throughout the year, it gives its users a chance to interact to people they've met through the app, and the chance to meet new people.
For my first Bumble event and first Junkyard Golf experience I'd say it was a winner, mainly because I came second place and I get a little cocky when it comes to competitive games.
The app brought my out of my comfort zone in a positive way, and I can't say many things have done that.
I guess moving from place to place won't be too scary now.
You shouldn't be afraid of trying something different, you should be afraid of not trying it.
Have you ever used an app like this, or would you?


MissPond said...

I've moved recently, so an app to meet friends seems like a great idea. Looks like a fun event!

Polkadot Pink said...

The big question I'm wondering is, did you make friends that you'll see again? I'm hoping it's a yes, because this app sounds great!