Everyone looks pretty in red

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you'll know by now that red has become my go-to colour of the season, and by now you're probably getting pretty sick of it, but I can't get enough.
Bring on the red.
There is something so satisfying about opening up your wardrobe and having a collection of clothes that will instantly make you happy. For some reason red has become my happy colour, and I feel absolutely amazing every time I wear it.
I don't know whether it's just me but I find it so stressful finding summer clothes - nothing is ever flattering when you want it to be and two hours later you're still standing in front of your wardrobe on the verge of tears because you've decided you hate every article of clothing and nothing is going to look perfect.
That was me, and it's probably me every single day, but I've finally found my saving grace and I'm never letting go.

I stumbled across this dress on one of my last minute mad dress hunts - I had 30 minutes to find a dress before heading off to a party which was just over an hours drive away, time was not my friend and nor was my mini-breakdown.
Safe to say it saved the day and has now become one of my go-to outfits for when the weather is pelting out some beauties.
Summer dresses and red are a go-go, so grab some comfy heels and let the rest to the talking.
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chyazsamuel said...

I've been meaning to buy this dress, it looks so stunning on you! Love those shoes too x

Dannii Martin said...

That's such a great colour on you! I really love the pattern on the dress too - very pretty.