8 Reasons Why I'll Love You Forever

I'm going to throw out a pre-warning, this is going to get soppy - everts eyes now.
I feel like I've been caught up in watching someone else's life unravel for the past few weeks, wanting to scream cut on the film crew so they can create another ending, you know, something happier. It's pretty strange watching life fall apart like that, but there is always one constant that brings me back to life and that is you.

1. You never fail at making me smile. Have you ever met someone and thought, how on earth have I managed my entire life up to this point without you? Those down days never stay down for long and those up days, stay up for ages. 

2. You don't mind the weirdness. I can't be the only one that has those weird moments when you're completely alone and you realise how bizarre you really are. I love that you've jumped onto the weird train with me.

3. You know my limits probably better than I know myself. I think we all like to think that we're in control of everything that we do, but deep down there is always that someone in the background keeping you on track. Cheers to the limit hunters.

4. It's always you and I against the world. What better way to tackle life than with the person you love. I mean, I can't think of doing it any other way and I suppose I don't really want to.

5. You understand me when no-one else does. Aside from those awkwardly weird days where most people don't even know themselves, it's always handy having that one person you can completely confined in.

6. You never hesitate to help me out, like never. Oh yes, I am calling out those completely drunken nights when undressing me is completely necessary. Hands up if you've been there, I know you have.

7. You are always ready to listen. We all have those friends that are ready to lend an ear, and I've probably got some of the best out there, but living so far apart from some of the greatest friends can be tough, but having someone someone like you definitely helps.

8. You don't mind celebrating cheesy anniversary dates. You shouldn't need an excuse to celebrate, but I love a gift as much as the next person. There becomes a point in a relationship where cheesy dates no longer matter, but I think you know that I won't give up on them.

That reminds me, Happy 7th sex-aversary, or shall I change that to the first time you told me you loved me? 
Happy 7 years anyway. 


Sarah Thain said...

This is so well-written! How lucky you are to have each other ­čĺŚ

Amy Wilson said...

How adorable! Lovely lovely words! It sounds like true love! �� xx