It's okay to not have it all together

I've had the same playlist on repeat for the past two weeks: Mellow Days, and it has the strangest concoctions of songs, but somehow it is incredibly soothing.
I guess you could say that music has become my motivation lately, and even though I've still not interacted with anyone outside of my own home for nearly three weeks, I think I'm doing pretty well.

There comes a turning point in life where you look back and realise you didn't have it that bad after all, and all things considered, it could be a lot worse now, so it's okay to not have all your shit together. 
I feel that we're all so focused on succeeding in life that we forget to live in the moment. We bypass others for our own happiness, and it is only until we're hit by a tragedy that we stop for a moment. I've definitely been that type of person who uses her experiences to benefit others. Pushing through the pains of life to not only learn from those experiences, but to come out better on the other side. So I might look like I've got it all together, but I don't, and I know that's okay.

Vulnerability isn't weakness it's strength.

I guess I've never been one to wallow in self-pity, I mean I hate pity and I think that's the main reason I've been avoiding the world. I'm still a little vulnerable, but I'm finding that to be apart of me that I never really opened up to before. It's like this hidden strength that I've been keeping at bay, too afraid of its outcome to realise that it is something that will take me much further than a brave face.

I suppose what I'm saying is that it is okay to struggle through an experience. There isn't a shame in asking for help, but that it's also okay to not have it all together.


Sarah Thain said...

I definitely think the low moments make you appreciate the good ones so much more. If I find myself getting stuck in a bit of a hole (and it's even easier to do as an introvert!) I try to force myself to make plans to get out and about. If I'm not feeling conversational, I'll whack my gym kit & headphones on and go for a gym session or a big walk. It definitely helps to freshen up your mind. Anyway, rambling here haha! Hope you're ok lovely and don't forget that there's always more people here for you and willing to talk than you think <3

ImogenRose said...

What an inspiring post! It's so true, we all get so caught up with our ambitions sometimes we forget about important things. Hope you're okay lovely xxx Imogen