Vapiano Manchester Corn Exchange - Review

They say diamonds are a girls best friend, but they're wrong. It most definitely is food.
Do you ever look at your monthly bank statement and think, 'damn, I've just got to stop buying so much food?' 
This has literally become my life, but lucky enough I got invited down to Vapiano to try out their Manchester menu.
It's a restaurant unlike any other, think Euro chic, mixed with an upmarket work cafeteria. It's healthy, fun and the perfect location to socialise with the gang.
If Italian food is your thing, then a trip to Vapiano may just be on the cards for you.
It's a very basic menu, filled with your pastas, pizzas and salads, with both allergy suffers and vegan/vegetarians being catered for off the menu too.
There are no waiters/waitresses, it's a little like a twist on a buffet. You choose the food, and watch them create that exact dish in front of your very eyes.
The food is fresh and full of flavour, with options to double up on meat portions or to add something a little different to your already overflowing plate.
It's a fun concept, and perhaps the perfect location for a light lunch.
The prices are affordable and it is relayed back in the quality of the food, so if you're looking for a quick and snazzy meal, Vapiano is the answer. 


Francesca said...

I love this place for a quick lunch ­čĹî

Missy said...

I've been meaning to try Vapiano for a while now. Sounds really good though & loving the decor in there

Pranita said...

That is so true that food is a girl's best friend! Love the options they have here and would love to try it sometime!

Olivia said...

I looove Vapiano! Although I went to the one in Sydney, will definitely need to visit the Manchester one asap!xo