Achieve the small things and reach for something greater

I'm at that point of the year where I start thinking about what I want to achieve next year. I make so many small promises to myself, many of which I barely take notice of.
I usually approach the year with the mindset of 'New Me, New Body, New Goals', but lets just be a little realistic, at least for now.
I think everyday should be taken as a new beginning, you shouldn't wait until Monday to kick-off the big to-do-list and I suppose that's the mindset I'm attempting to use.
As women, we have the ability to achieve anything, we put the impossible to the test, so I see no reason as to why I should wait until tomorrow.
Have you ever heard the saying:
"If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed."
I'm sure my mum used to say something along those lines, most definitely not about changing the world though. 
Crazily enough, this isn't about changing the world; this is about changing our attitudes to how we're so focussed on saying that we'll do something, for that one thing to remain unchanged. 
I'm all for resolutions, even better, I'm for creating achievable goals.
Achieving something is so satisfying, it's like, yes, I have worked my arse off and I've reached that goal, no matter how big or small it is, you should celebrate those small victories.
Small goals help you pursue the greater goals, there is nothing stopping you but yourself.
I think life should be filled with big and little goals, whether you're setting a money saving goal, or you're planning to phone that friend you've not spoken to in a couple of months, create a balance between them and you'll notice an enormous difference in the way you tackle your everyday.
We become so consumed by what others are achieving, that our own goals are put on the back burner.
Forget the back burner and start doing something different. We create our own luck in life, and we are provided with so many opportunities that we need to be brave enough to jump out of our comfort zones and attack them.
We consume what others think of us and compare ourselves to the young and reckless; these are our own biggest downfalls. It is one of my own, and in a way, that is a small goal I'm trying to achieve.
Stop comparing yourself to the celebrities, to the neighbour next door, to that girl on social media with a million followers. Everyone is different; everyone attacks their goals differently, at different paces and in different styles.
What makes us all unique is that we're all aiming for something different, but they can only be achieve when we stop comparing and start doing.
We are the creators of our own destiny, we carve our own paths and we either burn the bridges or re-build them along the way.
I'm excited to achieve something new, to better myself along the way and to create new experiences.

Creating new goals isn't just about doing something to change, but it can also be about learning to love who you are. Why change the things you're happy about, instead, focus on what makes you happy and build goals around that. Achieving something doesn't have to be hard work, it should be worthwhile.


Marianna said...

Great post - I always find by achieving the small things, it pumps me up and makes me feel like I can always do that little bit more and so something even bigger! I guess we all sometimes need to take a step back and focus on those mini goals as you never know where they may take us!

Jasmin Charlotte said...

Totally agree with you! I tend to get caught up in the big goals and really need to try and do more of the small goal setting too! x

aprettyplacetoplay said...

Totally agree, especially with the comment about making your bed! It's amazing what a little win at the start of the day can do for your mindset! x